Monday, December 5, 2011

Take A Break!

Hey Everyone!!! Life has been getting too busy for me of late...and with my current projects and everything I won't have as much time to be working on my blog as much I am going to be taking a break....I have  been pretty stressed out lately and I just feel I need a break from here for a little bit I will occasionaly be one here to do a book review every now and then probably at most once a week now, but maybe less than that...I really have loved doing this blog and have loved making all the friendships I have had. I will still be active on Goodreads a bit more and feel free to email me anytime at, if you want to stay in touch.Thanks to you all who have been my ever loyal followers and made this almost 2 year journey worth it! I hope all of you enjoy this Christmas Season!!! Cheers!


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