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Top Ten Tuesday (11)- Top Ten Character Names I Love or Top Ten Unusual Character Names

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Top Ten Character Names I Love or Top Ten Unusual Character Names

I really like the name of the hero in this one; Torin McLeren. It has a certain unique ring to it. 


 When I first read Dragon Bound, it was the heroines first name that really drew me to the story. Pia Giavanni.

This book is part of one of my favorite series of all time. I fell in love with the hero, Cian MacKeltar. His name alone is swoon worthy. 


Lady Calpurnia Hartwell--even though she goes by Callie (which is a sweet name) I love her full name, definitely more original. 

I have to say that this is my favorite series by Banks. I don't like all of her books, but she has done wonders with these scottish historical's. In this story I really liked the names used, but most especially Mairin- which is a name I have always liked immensely.

The Wolf and the Dove was one of the first medieval romances I read, and I liked both of the names used. Wulfgar and Aislinn and I just love how well they go together too!!

Dark Desire is a very stimulating read, and ever since I read it (or I prefer listening to the audiobook), The name of Sheay of the heroine, made me fall in love with it. I may even name my future daughter (if I am gifted with one) of that name, I love the spelling and the pronunciation and the uniqueness of it when I first listened to it. It is a bit more common now, but I still adore it.

Born in Sin is a story I haven't read in a long while, however I always thought the name of the heroine, Caledonia was very different. I always enjoy it when a author uses a uncommon name for her characters. It adds character to the story. 

Even though I haven't read this one, this book is on my list next to get at my local library. As I was thinking about another unique character name, I remembered Wicked Surrender. Scher Martin is one of the more unusual names, and the first one I have seen used, so its always a delight when that happens. 

In Lady of Desire, Jacinda, is used for the heroine's character name. I believe I have seen this name used before but not very often, its more rare but does get used. I do love it, it tends to roll of the tongue quite easily. 

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