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ARC Book Review-Lunar Heat

Lunar Heat
Heat (1)
Susan Kearnery
Bell Bridge Books
E Book
Published November 2013
262 Pages
Science Fiction Romance
ISBN:  9781611943719
Authors Website
A future that's out of this world.
A seduction that's out of control.
Wealthy, reclusive celebrity, Shara Weston, hides from her countless fans on a private asteroid in Earth's orbit, but that doesn't stop captivating alien Cade Archer from crash-landing into her life.
Cade's on a mission to free his people from cruel enslavement by opening a portal from his planet to Earth, but a powerful enemy has followed him, hell-bent on stopping Cade at any cost. While Cade's plan sounds noble, Shara can't help but worry that an untested passage between his planet and hers could lead to the destruction of everything she's ever known or loved.
Alone amid the stars, the attraction between them explodes. Shara must follow Cade down a sensual path of sweet domination . . . a path that frightens her . . . a path that pleases her . . . a path that could risk the lives of every man, woman, and child on two worlds.
Will she surrender to Cade's intentions, or will his quest for freedom destroy them both?
My Review

I have always enjoyed this author, and when I saw this title available on Netgalley, I knew I needed to read it. Lunar Heat is a recently republished version of the title Island Heat, that was originally published in 2007. I have always liked Kearney's books, and the genre she used for this book was well done. Lunar Heat is a story that takes place on Earth, in a futuristic time period, that involves a heavy involvement of the science fiction sub genre. Lunar Heat is a story about a man Cade who is desperate to do anything to save his people. Shara Weston will do anything to save Earth, even if that means she will have to betray the man that she loves. Both Cade and Shara have a connection from their first meeting, and despite the rocky path that lies before them only the love they have may save their lives and both of their worlds.

I found Lunar Heat to be a very enjoyable read that sent chills down my spine. Lunar Heat offers a unique romantic story set in a futuristic/science fiction setting. The world that this author creates is magnificent, and I loved the way the story sets off from the beginning, with Cade crash landing on the moon that Shara lives on, and then he ends up saving her life from his enemy and brother. Cade is determined to save his people. Many of his people are literal slaves, because they weren't born first, and so they are dominated by first Born's. Cade was the one chosen, to free his kind. His people thrive on salt, they need it to survive. Earth has plenty of salt, especially in the water elements. But he needs the help of Shara to send it to his planet. Shara desires to help Cade, and he is the most gorgeous man she has ever met. But then her closest friend tells her she has visions of their planet being destroyed by the actions of Cade. This story involves a intense plot with plenty of danger and steamy desire.

Overall I fell in love with Cade and Shara. They were such a delightful couple. I couldn't help but admire them both for their actions. I had a hard time deciding which character I liked more. Cade is more honest and upfront with Shara, than Shara is. However you sympathize with Shara's dilemma, and you wonder how they will find their HEA and save both of their worlds. The story line is full of complications and drama and a world of science fiction, with a mix of paranormal drawn in as well. A poignant yet intense romance that is a thrill of a ride!!! Be prepared to fly off your seats in this one!!

My Grade 
4 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

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