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Book Review-Queen of Song and Souls

Queen of Song and Souls
Tairen Soul (4)
C.L. Wilson
Published October 2010
400 Pages
Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 978-0-06-202299-8
Authors Website
Only together could their souls be complete. Only together could they survive. Only together could they unlock the secrets of the past and unleash their greatest magic.

The first deadly battles of the new Mage Wars have been fought, and victory has been won at a terrible price. As the toll of an unfulfilled matebond and the torment of war begins tips Rain towards madness, Ellysetta knows if she cannot find a way to defeat the darkness growing inside her and complete the truemate bond, Rain will die and she will become the prophesied monster Vadim Maur uses to destroy the Fey and enslave the World.

My Review
Queen of Song and Souls is the fourth installment in the Tairen soul series. For years I have heard so many amazing things about this series, and its not easy to find a stirring fantasy romance series that captures your heart from the very beginning. This review will be shorter than others, so that I don't give too much away.

Rain and Ellysetta's story has been magical from the moment they first met. They have suffered and have made great strides. In this installment,  there is much that we learn about the past of Ellysetta and the future of Rain and Ellysetta. Rain and Ellysetta are coming closer to completing their bond, but time is slowly running out. There is a high level of intensity and emotion that is displayed in this story. In Queen of Song and Souls the danger level of the Eld and Mage have escalated, and Rain and Ellysetta are racing against time to try to gain assistance from their allies. The story is mostly centered around Rain and Ellysetta, and learning about her past and about their destiny. There is quite a bit we learn in this installment.

Overall I couldn't help but admire once again the talent of Wilson. I am still astonished by how much I have enjoyed her. I always love a fantasy romance, and the theme that is present in this series is sensual and epic. The romance between Rain and Ellysetta is intense yet tender too. We see a deeper development in their bond to each other, and there quite a lot of suspense and adventure involved. I loved the aspect of the different combination of danger, romance, and this world that has been created that captures your attention. There is quite a bit of a intensity level here, and it definitely near impossible to put it down. It did leave a bit of a cliff hanger and I will warn you that you will need some tissues to get through this story. But what a great addition to the series and I can't wait to read the last and final installment and find out if Rain and Ellysetta achieve their HEA.

First Line 
She was only nine years old, and she was going to die. 

Favorite Quote 
I love you... I want you... I need you. The words chanted in her head with the beat of her pulse, repeating over and over. His voice - or was it hers? - grew more insistent with each utterance.  Come to me. Give yourself to me.

My Grade 
4.5 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

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