Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A-Z Wednesday (3)

A-Z Wednesday is a weekly meme from Reading At The Beach. So feel free to particiapate in this fun meme, and check out her site for the guidelines.

This Weeks Letter Will Be "O"

My Book For This Week Is

From the destruction of Roman battlefields to the delights of Egypt's bedrooms, he's seen it all. But as two ships crossed in the dangerous currents of Alexandria, Ramtat catches sight of the most intriguing woman he's ever beheld. A tamer of wild beasts, the mysterious beauty is as fiery as the burning sands of her homeland, lush as a desert oasis.. With kiss following sultry kiss, their desire knows no limits. Slave girl or princess, her identity can be unlocked by the emerald-eyed cobra charm that dangles between her breasts, but only her love matters to the...Lord of the Nile.

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