Thursday, November 11, 2010

Book Blogger Hop #29

So come and join in on the fun and the hopping. Make new friends and discover new blogs!!! LETS DO THE HOP!!!! Come and check it out at Crazy For Books 

This Weeks Question 

"If you find a book that looks interesting but is part of a series, do you always start with the first title?"
Not always, it just depends on the series, because each series is different, it also depends on the sound of the book as well, so if it appeals to me, then I will grab it and start reading the series, sometimes in order, other times out of order. Most of the books that I have access to is at the library, so I usually grab what is available
(I am impatient and hate being put on waiting lists) so most times I usually will read a series out of order. But sometimes its nice to read a series in order.

  The Friday Follow is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee and its tons of fun to do these two memes and find tons of new friends and great blogs!!! So come and join in these two fun memes every friday!!!!
This Week's Question 
What is your usual monthly book budget?
 It just depends, but most times its about $15 
This new Tag Along is hosted by Laurie @ Bitten by Paranormal Romance and here is a rundown of the rules:

1.Make a post for your blog to direct people to this post, you will find a code for the pic on my left sidebar. That way we get more bloggers involved.
2. Place your blogs name in the first box of the Linky
3. Then add your post that you made place that ULR in the second box.
4. When you find a blog that you like to follow please leave comment on the post the blogger made, so they can tag along to your blog.

This is a weekly theme, so make sure you come back next Friday if you can. 


  1. This is a lovely blog you have here! I'm a new follower and just wanted to say hello and wish you a wonderful weekend!

    O! And I can't wait to read your review of 'Highlanders Kiss'. I'm a huge Karen Moning fan, but have never tried this series, only her Fever one. Anyways, looking forward to checking out your blog further.


  2. Hi, hon - happy to be hopping over and tagging along as a new follower. Love the site! :)

    Sally @ Bibrary Bookslut

  3. What a fun site you have here! I'm hopping by and telling everyone how sad my book budget is. LOL. I'm having to get creative. As for the series...yes. I always try to start at the beginning.

  4. Hi Renee! I'm stopping by via the 18+ Tag-a-long to wish you a happy Friday and great weekend! Every time I stop by your blog I find more great stuff! I NEED to find the time to get over here more! :) Do you have a FeedBurner 'subscribe' button and I'm just missing it?

    Tanya @ Among the Muses

  5. Good Morning Renee!

    Happy Friday.

    I'm doing all three of the Friday blog runs. I don't limit myself to budget with books. I just love to read and write so that line is always doable for me. And Yes, I love start a series at the 1st book.

  6. Hey! I'm an old follower just stopping by on the hop to wish you a great weekend!

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads (Twitter)

  7. Hi,
    Happy Friday! I hope you find a great book to read this weekend!

    Romance Book Junkies

  8. Stopping by to say I am a new follower! Great blog!!

    Girls with Books
    Teen Bookshelf

  9. Hi Just hopping around to say hi this is my first blog hop. I do books sometimes but right now I'm giving away a really nice pair of Bushnell binoculars. Really. Come on over and hi high and check out my site. Refer your hubby boyfriend or just your friend that hunt. I always start with the first one in a series.
    Thanks This is fun

  10. I just wanted to say hi. Please stop by and say hi do my poll and giveaway for books.
    Depends on how many are in the stories and if they are in the same stories and stand alone otherwise no I spend about 50 a month on books

  11. Followed you here from the Blogger hop. Stop by and say hi if you get a chance. Barb @

  12. Just stopping by to say hello!
    Have a good weekend!

  13. Happy Saturday Renee!

    Thanks for the book review comment on my blog and for hopping by. Have you read Kendrick's tale (Stardust to Yesterday) by Kurland?

    Also, I'm a follower of your site, so it was fun checking back in & catching up.

    Have a great weekend.



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