Monday, April 11, 2011

Book Review-Spellbound

Djinn (4)
Kathleen Nance
Love Spell
364 Pages
Published June 2003
Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 0-505-52486-4

As the Minstrel of Kaf, Zayne keeps the land of the djinn in harmony. Yet lately, he needs a woman to restore balance to his life, a woman with whom he can blend his voice and his body. And according to his destiny, this soul mate can only be found in the strange land of Earth. Madeline knows to expect a guest while house-sitting, but she didn't expect the man would be so sexy, so potent, so fascinated by the doorbell. With one soul-stirring kiss, she sees colorful sparks dancing on the air. But Madeline wants to make sure her handsome djinni won't pull a disappearing act before she can become utterly spellbound.

Zayne, a Djinni, the minstrel for his people, but of late his song has been wreaking discord among his people, and his music needs to restore balance to his world. But then he starts feeling the yearning of his mate, one who is living on Earth, and knowing that she can restore balance and be his other half, he goes to her, intending on claiming and keeping her as his own and taking her back to his home. However things don't always go as planned. Madeline, never expected that when she agreed to house sit for her friend, but never thought that there would be a guest she would have to live with, a man who is so sexy you could have a heart attack from all the sensations he sends out. However Madeline is firm in her belief that nothing can get to her, no matter how sensual a man may be, but life throws unexpected surprises and Zayne will not only be her downfall in love but will help heal scars from her past and where she will find a love that will leave her spellbound to his side....

The Hero (Zayne)
Zayne, minstrel for all of Kaf, is the one who keeps harmony with his song, but needs his soul mate to complete him and bring back balance to not only himself but for his people and his world. Zayne knows that Madeline is his future, but as a mystery unravels he starts to question whether or not what he felt so strongly still remains true, and will he be able to defeat the threat to both himself and Madeline so that they may have a future together...

The Heroine( Madeline)
Madeline, has suffered past hurts, one is her deathly fear of performing in front of anyone, a fear that can make her sick and even put her in pain, and a fear she doesn't know if she could ever overcome, but she starts to realize that she didn't always have this fear, and with Zayne able to uncover the reason why she has it, but only through her love for Zayne will she be able to make the sacrifice to overcome it fully and be with him.....

My Thoughts 
Spellbound is the fourth installment in the Djinn series written by Kathleen Nance. Spellbound is a story woven with magic and love and filled with thrilling excitement that will curl your toes, and leave you bewitched. Spellbound is a story of two people that come from different worlds, however they are connected in a way that will save the both of them in the end.  I had such a thrilling time reading Spellbound and I was captivated with the story, the characters and the plot that had me on the edge of my seat the whole time, and I was so entranced with the story that I could hardly put it down. Its a magical romantic story that will leave you satisfied and full of laughter until the very last page. Definitely a treasure to keep on your book shelves.

My Favorite Quote 
Wordlessly he threaded his fingers through her hair, cradling her head between his hands, loosening her careful hairdo. 
Then he kissed her. 
A kiss of heat. A kiss of strength. Need, desire, jubilation-the emotions danced inside her like sparkling raindrops, almost as if she felt what he felt and shared what drove him.
My Grade On This Book 
4 Blossoms

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