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Book Review-What The Heart Knows

What The Heart Knows
Kathleen Eagle
Avon Romance
Published July 1999
361 Pages
Contemporary Romance
ISBN 0-380-80309-7
Helen Ketterling thought she had left the Bad River Sioux Reservation in South Dakota behind her thirteen years ago. Once an idealistic and spirited schoolteacher, Helen was swept into the lives of the Sioux people and the arms of Reese Blue Sky. These fiery opposites attracted with such heat that their love burned brightly--if all too briefly.
Now a single parent with a son--a son Reese knows nothing about--Helen accepts an assignment that brings her back to Bad River and into the realm of the one man she cannot forget.
A family tragedy has brought Reese home to Bad River. And though it has been years since he has seen Helen, Reese immediately recalls the bittersweet memories of a time when he was very much in love. Now the passion he felt for Helen has been rekindled but he senses in her a secret that she will not--or cannot--share with him. Soon, Reese discovers that the life on the reservation he dearly cherished appears to have been threatened. In a world where tradition and ritual face off against development and greed, a proud but lonely man attempts to reconcile his past, hoping to find his place in the heart of his one true love.

Helen, has come to Bad River on a job, she has been sent by her boss to find out important information and she is earnest in discovering the truth behind a old man's death, the father to the man she once abandoned, who is the father to her child. Helen, at first never imagined that she would encounter Reese so much, or that the passion they once held for each other would be rekindled as powerful as fireworks. Reese, is shocked when he comes across Helen Ketterling, the one woman who hurt him more than any other, even though he is younger than her, the feelings he had for her were genuine and real. Now she is back in his life, at a time where he has just lost his father, and becoming more involved in family affairs, but then there is a secret that he will soon discover to be shocking and surreal, and when a danger surfaces to threaten everyone he loves, he will discover the true power of love...

The Hero (Reese Blue Sky)
Reese, has always held onto those ancient traditions of his fathers, having been raised on a reservation, his father firmly believed in those traditions. Reese once fell in love with Helen, but then one day she up and leaves with no word to goodbye, and he moves on with his life and makes a career for himself, but when a injury prevents him of playing ball again, he knows that life for him will never be the same.

The Heroine (Helen Ketterling)
Helen, is a undercover agent and detective, and has come to the reservation to find the answer to some secrets, and when she is faced with Reese, she doesn't know if she will be able to keep a clear head, or keep a deep secret from him. However she knows the truth will eventually come out and she hopes that she won't lose her son or the only man she has only loved.

My Thoughts 
What The Heart Knows is a single title by Kathleen Eagle, I think though I had high expectations from this book, and I found myself pretty disappointed throughout the whole novel. I have read a few books by Kathleen Eagle, and I think there has only been one or two that I ended up satisfied with. What The Heart Knows started out ok, and I was hoping it would just get better, but the flow was uneven and static at times. The story line was the best part of the book, but I just felt from beginning to end I had to force myself to get through it, I almost gave up on it, but I stuck with it, hoping it would get better however I only ended up in a spirit of frustration and how I seemed to get lost at times, and I felt like there could have more substance to the characters. I hope the next book I read from this author is much better.

My Grade On This Book 
1 Blossoms


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  1. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy this book more. It sounded like it had some potential but didn't deliver :(

    I hope you next read is so much better!



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