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ARC Book Review-My Notorious Gentleman

My Notorious Gentleman
The Inferno Club (6)
Gaelen Foley
E Book
Published July 30 2013
384 Pages
Regency Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-06-207595-6
Author Website
Notorious and fearless, Lord Trevor Montgomery must confront his greatest challenge yet: marriage!

Shy, warm-hearted Miss Grace Kenwood knows she has no chance of tempting her new neighbor, Lord Trevor Montgomery. Every eligible beauty is swooning over the brooding former spy. Even though he once kissed her senseless, he can have no interest in someone like her. Yet somehow, the seductive rogue unleashes her own inner devil…

Every lady loves a hero, but Trevor has no interest in any of them— except for the refreshingly candid Grace. If he had a heart left, Grace might steal it. She insists he's better than he thinks. He's sure she's absolutely wrong. Until danger threatens, and Trevor rediscovers how easy it is to be a hero…for the right lady.
My Review 
I recently received a ARC copy of My Notorious Gentleman by Avon through Edelweiss. I can not say how much I enjoyed reading this one. If you have yet to read one of her stories, you are missing out...big time!! There is nothing I like better than sitting down, relaxing, and reading a romance from Gaelen Foley. Such remarkable talent and drama and intensity, its bound to captive you from the get go. My Notorious Gentleman is the sixth of the series, but I am not sure if its the last one, in fact I am thinking there might be a next installment considering it had a small bit of a cliffhanger. Only small enough that has me intrigued.

Grace is a ministers daughter, and as such, she has a desire to help others. When she finds herself in London, helping a family friend from drinking and gambling his life away, she comes across Lord Trevor Montgomery, who has the mistaken impression that she is after him, and practically seduces her on a couch, and what is a woman to do except defend herself and attack him with a hair pin. Then later at the party her father introduces her to him, and now she has no idea what to think of him. But when her father encourages him to buy a piece of property that is right next door, she is appalled, that is the last thing that she needs, a man who is more tempting than anything she has ever encountered. Travis, has decided to retire fully from the War Office, he has dedicated his whole life to serving his country, and now he is ready for peace and contentment. When he goes to the countryside, and finds the perfect place, he is intrigued by Grace. She may be a pastor's daughter, but she is beautiful and has a heart of gold. Grace doesn't understand why Travis is so interested in her. But when life seems to spiral out of control, he is her rock and more than anything she desires to have him forever.

A completely memorable story with fascinating characters that only end up capturing your heart. A heart warming and deeply riveting story of a tender and romantic love between this pair that warmed me up inside and out. I loved the setting of the story, and there was so much I enjoyed about this. It didn't have a whole ton of intense espionage drama like you are used to with this series. However it did have some suspenseful moments that will definitely get your attention. A remarkably written story, and this just might have to go on as top of the list of favorites from this author. An enriching and passionate love tale that is bound to stir up all kinds of emotions. A KEEPER!!

First line 
 George was foxed, but that, Grace supposed, was to be expected.

Favorite Quote
"Well, my dear," he purred, stalking slowly toward the shapely outline of the woman. "Here we are," he said coldly. "Alone at last."
"What? Oh--I--um--I'm sorry--I--"
"Don't lose your nerve now, cherie," he taunted her in a low, silken voice. "You've got me all to yourself. I'm at your service, I assure you. Such persistence deserves to be rewarded." he moved closer. "I'm here to give you what you want. So let's get started, shall we?"
Grace stood there tongue tied as Lord Trevor Montgomery stepped out of the shadows, looming before her like a mighty fallen angel with merciless hatred in his eyes. There was not even time to scream as he swept her roughly into his arms; he clamped her against his iron chest and claimed her mouth in a angry, insolent kiss.

My Grade 
5 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

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