Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday (9) Top Ten Begginings and Endings

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Top Ten Beginnings and Endings of Books
1. Tempt Me At Twilight-Lisa Kleypas
"Her chances of a decent marriage were about to be dashed-all because of a ferret"

2. The Ugly Duchess-Eloisa James
"You'll have to marry her. I don't care if you think of her as a sister: from now on, she's the golden fleece to you."
3. Shadow Fires-Catherine Spangler
" He stood on the bridge of the massive spacecraft, his powerful legs braced as the ship began its descent toward Candest. He maintained his balance with one large hand lighting gripping the edge of the main console. Like his legs, his chest was bare, with well delineated muscles rippling beneath golden skin. Silent and majestic, he waited. Suddenly his head turned, and his unblinking midnight gaze fixed unerringly upon her."
4. High Country Bride-Linda Lael Miller
Rafe McKettrick peered at the small, tasteful advertisement in the back of the Cattleman's journal, dogeared the page, and then slammed the magazine against the edge of the desk in his father's study. it was a desperate measure, sending away for a bride, the way a person might send away for a book, or a custom made belt buckle, but then, Rafe was a desperate man.
5. Ascension-Caris Roane
Kerrick stood by the bar at the Blood and Bite, looking for a woman, the right woman, the one who would keep his head straight, the one he craved.
6. How To Abduct A Highland Lord
 Jack pressed a kiss to her forehead and smiled. Finally, he'd discovered the secret of having a home. It wasn't the place, or the time, or the people who lived in this city or that. It was the person you shared it with. 
And with Fiona, he knew that their home would be all the home he would ever need. 

7. One Night With The Prince-Sabrina Jeffries 
8. Then He Kissed Her-Laura Lee Guhrke
And then he kissed her.
Emma tightened her arms around his neck, and returned his kiss with passionate enthusiasm. After all, it was quite proper for a man to kiss a woman once they were engaged. Everybody knew that. Even Harry.

9.It Happened One Autumn-Lisa Kleypas
"There is nothing on this earth more beautiful to me than your smile...no sound sweeter than your laughter...no pleasure greater than holding you in my arms. I realized today that I could never live without you, stubborn little hellion that you are.

10. Eat Prey Love- Kerrelyn Sparks
With a laugh, she flipped him over and straddled him. Holding his shoulders down, she leaned over and nipped at his ear. "No more dying, you hear me? I won't have you dying for me."
He chuckled. "For you, sweetheart, I want to live forever."

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