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Book Review-Since The Surrender

Since The Surrender
Pennyroyal Greens (3)
Julie Anne Long
371 Pages
Published August 2009

A man of action. . .
Fearless. Loyal. Brilliant. Ruthless. Bold words are always used to describe English war hero Captain Chase Eversea, but another word unfortunately plays a role in every Eversea's destiny: trouble. And trouble for Chase arrives in the form of a mysterious message summoning him to a London rendezvous . . . where he encounters the memory of his most wicked indiscretion in the flesh: Rosalind March—the only woman he could never forget.
A Woman of Passion. . .
Five years ago, the reckless, charming beauty craved the formidable Captain's attention. But now Rosalind is a coolly self-possessed woman, and desire is the last thing on her mind: her sister has mysteriously disappeared and she needs Chase's help to find her. But as their search through London's darkest corners re-ignites long-smoldering passion and memories of old battles, Chase and Rosalind are challenged to surrender: to the depths of a wicked desire, and to the possibility of love.

Captain Chase Eversea, returned from the war, is surprise when he is sent a missive (note) from a woman who needs his help. when he goes to the meeting place-he is surprise to find that the woman who needs him is none other than Rosalin March-the one woman he has never been able to forget. Roasalind has asked for Chase's help in finding her missing sister. At first Chase doesn't think it has merit, however upon further consideration he finds that there is definitely something missing out of this dilemma and goes about trying to find her sister, but all the while through their investigation, their desire for each other reignites into flaming passion....

The Hero (Chase Eversea-Captain)
Chase Eversea was injured during the war and his leg has never fully healed, and he is always in constant pain. Although once a gentleman, the war has changed Chase into a hardened man. Chase met Rosaline as his commanders wife and through a course of events, he ended up falling for her, despite who she belonged to, and it was obvious that she felt the same way. Now she is a widow, and asking for his help, and all his strong emotions for her flood him and he can't resist her any longer...

The Heroine (Rosalind March)
Rosalind March married a colonel, for her families sake, not because she fell in love with him. However he treated her with respect and kindness, but during their marriage, she was attracted to someone under his command, and ever since has always felt guilt over it, even though she cares deeply for Chase and her previous husband. Now her husband has passed away, and her sister has gone missing, and suspects that something foul is afoot, but can't pinpoint it, but never expected to fall in love all over again...with Chase Eversea....

My Thoughts 
Since The Surrender is the third installment in the Pennyroyal Green series by Julie Ann Long. This is the first time that I have read a book from this author, and I am so glad that I did. I had heard good things, so I decided to try her out, and the blurb sounds interesting so when I saw it in the library I couldn't refuse to pick it up. At the beginning, the story caught my attention, but the consistency of vivid interest wasn't all the way through, just on and off, but I enjoyed the plot of the story, and the intensity of the relationship between the characters, and of course a boy urchin, who just caught at my heart strings, and wished I could take him under my wing, a very charming story overall....definitely planning on reading more from this author!!! A Great Read!!

My Favorite Quote 
"What I've learned is that what I was made for was to love and protect. Specifically I was made to love and protect you"

My Grade On This Book 
4 Blossoms

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