Thursday, December 2, 2010

Can You Imagine (2)

'Can You Imagine' is a weekly meme hosted by Heather on A Bibliophile's Paradise

The idea of this meme is for you to imagine whats going to happen next in your book and why. You can talk about a particular Character(s), the plot, ect. Try not to contain any spoilers.  Once your half way through your book start thinking about what's going to happen. If you read several books a week then you can have several "Can You Imagine..." posts, you can just do one once a week, or whenever you feel like it. I plan on posting one every Thursday, at least. I know it will be hard but try not to contain spoilers or at least to many, that stop others from reading the book for themselves. This meme is for others to get excited and want to read the book(s) for themselves and see how it ends.

I have read through most of the first half of this book, and this is what I Imagine will happen throughout the story....Lisa has been thrust back into 700 years in medieval Scotland, and Circern, thinks she is innocent, but its his oath to destroy her, but I think what will happen is that he will fall in love with her, and either find a way to keep her and not have to break his oath, or because of his love for her he will break it...and Lisa even though desperate to return home, will want to stay with Circern, I have no doubt there will something that will separate them perhaps for a time, which will make them both realize how strong their love is....

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