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Book Review-Pleasuring The Prince

Pleasuring The Prince
Kasanov (4)
Patricia Grasso
Zebra Historical
April 2006
326 Pages
Historical Romance
ISBN: 0-8217-7711-4

Fancy Flambeau is the darling of the London stage, and captures the eye of every gentleman charmed by her beauty. Fancy, however, refuses to be any man's mistress, though Prince Stepan Kazanov relishes the opportunity to change her mind and show her the delights of sensual pleasure. Tempting as his whispered promises may be, Fancy vows to avoid the heartbreaking fate that befell her mother when she gave her love to a selfish aristocrat.

But Stepan's games of seduction take a serious turn when terror sweeps through London. A killer dubbed the Rose Petal Murderer is preying upon pretty young women. Desperate to keep Fancy safe, Stepan abducts her from the city, and soon the heat of anger and long-denied passion melt into ecstasy. Yet the bliss they find in each other's arms may not be enough to make Fancy forget the past--or protect them both from the dangers that come from denying a love that is meant to be...

Fancy, is a star on the London stage, but unlike her mother she is unwilling to fall for a aristocrat, who will desert her like her father did to her mother. So when Prince Stephan starts to display interest in her, she endeavors to resist his charm and the promise of pure bliss in his eyes, but the moment she taste his kiss she knows that all is lost and that she could very easily fall in love with Stephan. However when there is a killer after women of the stage, a man the police have been unable to catch, Fancy knows that she is going to have to have her wits about her to protect everyone that she loves from danger and the terror that is sweeping throughout the streets of London....

The Hero (Stephan Kazanov)
Stephan, is drawn to Fancy an beautiful woman filled with innocence and a sweetness he just aches to taste...but knows that it can mean trouble for him. Stephan from the moment he sees Fancy, knows that he must do everything he can to protect and keep Fancy as his....and show her the intimate pleasures that he can show her, and prove to her that his committment to her is for forever...

The Heroine (Fancy Flambeau)
Fancy, has always felt responsible for her sisters, and have protected them and looked out for them, and knows that she may never find love or marriage in her life. Fancy wants to never become her mother, for her mother sacrificed everything for a chance at love and in the end she got burned....Fancy have felt rejected and unwanted by her father, would never risk that for herself or her future matter how handsome Prince Stephan may be, Fancy is firm in her desire to resist all costs

My Thoughts 
Pleasuring The Prince is the fourth in the Kasanov Series by Patricia Grasso. As I was browsing the library shelves I cam across this book, and the cover is what drew me (of course, I can't resist such a cover) and when I read the blurb I just knew I had to try this book out and see if I had just found a new author to love or to never read from again...and I definitely found a author whose writing I enjoyed reading.  Even though there was definitely a major focus on the relationship between Stephen and Fancy...there was also a suspenseful note to it as well....that especially toward the end of the story I was on the edge of my seat until the very end.....although I did enjoy this read very much there were a couple of things that left me disappointed but overall a enjoyable read...

My Grade On This Book 
3.5 Blossoms

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