Monday, June 6, 2011

Book Review-The Star King

The Star King
Star (2)
Susan Grant
Love Spell
Published Dec 2000
329 Pages
Futuristic/Sci Fiction Romance
ISBN: 0-505-52413-9
Careening out of control in her fighter jet is only the start of the wildest ride of Jasmine's life; spinning wildly in an airplane is nothing like the loss of equilibrium she feels when she lands. There, in a half-dream, Jas sees a man more powerfully compelling than any she's ever encountered. Though his words are foreign, his touch is familiar, baffling her mind even as he touches her soul. But who is he? Is he, too, a downed pilot? Is that why he lies in the desert sand beneath a starry Arabian sky?

The answers burn in his mysterious golden eyes, in his thoughts that become hers as he holds out his hand and requests her aid. This man has crossed many miles to find her, to offer her a heaven that she might otherwise never know, and love is only one of the many gifts of ... The Star King

Jasmine, on her fighter jet, crashes down and then she sees a man..a stranger one who is compelling and becomes forever in her memory. Since then, Jas has never been satisfied with her relationships, for she is always looking back to him whose memory has been burned in her mind forever. Rom, once a heir of the B'kah, is looking for adventure and the one woman who has haunted him day and night. Now he is planning on finding her, even if its in a remote system and in the 'frontier' no less.  Jasmine, aches for this stranger who haunts her and calls out to her, so when she see's that he is on TV, she knows she must find him, never realizing that finding him would change her life forever and that he would awaken a love so powerful that she would stand by his side for all time...

The Hero (Romlijhlan B'kah)
Rom, even though he is royalty, and heir to the throne of B'kah, no longer feels like he is part of the family, because of his beliefs to destroy a man that has the power to deceive everyone all the while he murders innocents. Rom, now has made a life for himself, but knows in his heart he must find the one woman whom haunts him...but never expected to find her even though he has been searching for her...and now with Jasmine at his side, will fight for everything that he believes in...

The Heroine (Jasmine Boswell)
Jasmine, although she has two grown children, is divorced and unable to trust in any man and able to make any relationship work. Even though in her dreams she sees him and hears him call out to her, she doesn't know if he is a figmant of her imagination or real....but when she sees him she knows she would do everything in her power to reach him...Jasmine knows that he is her destiny and can offer her more love and passion that she could have imagined.

My Thoughts 
The Star King is the second book in the Star Series by Susan Grant. This is the first book that I have read by this author, and I am falling more and more for the futuristic/sci fi romance. I haven't read many of them...but I have found quite a few treasures and The Star King is one of them. I just loved everything about this book... I loved the idea that Jasmine is older than most lead heroines are in romances....there was also a freshness about this story and there was the exciting and ever on the role kind of plot, that had be engaged throughout the story. The characters were so likeable, and there was such a sizzling heat to the side of the story....that had me on fire till the very end!!!! A Winner!!!

My Favorite Quote 
He needed her with a desperation  born of his precarious position at the edge of death, wanted to make love to her while he possessed the strength and passion of life. Her pleasure would be his salvation.  

My Grade On This Book 
4.5 Blossoms

Other Books In The Series 
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