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Book Review-A Scottish Love

A Scottish Love
Karen Ranney
Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback
Published December 2011
353 Pages
Scottish Highlands Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-06-202778-8
Author's Website
Shona Imrie should have agreed to Gordon MacDermond's proposal of marriage seven years ago -- before he went off to war and returned a national hero -- but the proud Scottish lass would accept no man's charity. The dashing soldier would never truly share her love and the passion that left her weak and breathless -- or so she believed -- so instead she gave herself to another. Now she faces disgrace, poverty, and a life spent alone for her steadfast refusal to follow her heart.

Honored with a baronetcy for his courage under fire, Gordon has everything he could ever want -- except for the one thing he most fervently desires: the headstrong beauty he foolishly let slip through his fingers. Conquering Shona's stubborn pride, however, will prove his most difficult battle -- though it is the one for which he is most willing to risk his life, his heart, and his soul.
My Review

Shona once fell in love with Gordon over seven years ago, but had to turn down his proposal of marriage, even though she cared for him deeply. Now seven years later, she is a widow and her brother has returned from the war injured, with very little money. She knows she has no choice but to sell their ancestral home, to some American's who are willing to buy it from them. It will be the only thing that will save them from starvation. When she travels to their home, Gairloch, it is unexpected to find Gordon around much more than she ever anticipated. With a huge job of restoring Gairloch to its former glory with only a week before the American's arrive, she has little time. But there is a passion just waiting to break free, a passion that makes her dream of things she knows will never come to pass. Gordon, has just returned from the war, granted a Baroncy, and resigned from the military planning on starting a new life for himself. He just never thought that Shona would tempt him to love again, or desire a life with her, even though he knows she will more than likely reject him once again....but can he prove to her that their love is more powerful than fear or doubt?

The Hero (Gordon MacDermond)
Gordon, has always loved Shona. Seven years ago, he wanted to marry her but she refused him, only to shortly thereafter marry another man much older than herself. Gordon then joined the military and became a office and war hero. Recently been given a baroncy and has resigned from the military, wanting more from his life than pain and death. He knows that Shona blames him for her brother's injury, but no more than he blames himself. When it becomes apparent that Shona is in dire straits, he is determined to show he is just the man for her.

The Heroine (Shona Imrie)
Shona is in dire straits, she is a inch from being on the streets and starving. The only thing that will save her and her brother is to sell their family home. She knows that she has no other choice. She once loved Gordon, but she knew she could never marry him, knowing that her financial circumstances would never allow it. So she married another man, but now he is dead, and she has barely survived the past two years making do with no money, and selling off mostly everything she owns. When Gordon comes into her life again, he tempts her and she fears that she will weaken and fall in love with him.

My Thoughts 
I haven't read Karen Ranney in quite some time, I don't know why though, I always enjoy her stories. A Scottish Love was a very enjoyable and relax into type of book. It was easy to get involved with the story, there wasn't a hardship in following along, or keeping interested. It was a well written story with such flair that it had me at my fullest attention. It may not be a favorite read, but it was a very good one that I felt like it had me from the first page. There was quite a bit of conflict involved with this couple. They both have a past with each other, which is none too pretty. There is quite a bit of drama at times, but not too much to have you running away. Just enough to keep you wanting to read more. I found I liked Gordon much more than Shona. Sometimes I like the heroine more than the hero, but not in this case. I found Shona to be a bit of a coward at times, not willing to fight for what she wants most. I think she could have had more spine that she did in this story. She is like this for about 90 % of the story, she doesn't get courage until the end. Gordon on the other hand I adored with every fiber of my being. He is sexy, strong, a fighter, passionate and the kind you want by your side. He is the epitome of pure male and with some Scot tendacies---he is more than delicious...he is a gourmet meal with desert included. I couldn't get enough of him. It was also fun to see a small love story involving the Shona's brother as well, its always great when we see a development of other characters in the story too. Definitely a story worthy of your time, one that will evoke emotion and the senses. One you don't want to miss out on! So if you like a beautiful setting in the Scottish Highlands, a sexy hero, and a plot that will leave you breathless...this one is for you!!!

First Line 
Gordon MacDermond was standing at the door of her parlor. 

Favorite Quote 
"You can live without love. But it's like color or flavor or music. It makes life something better, something worth experiencing."
She glanced back at him. "And that's what I was? Color or flavor or music?"
He thought of those years, his smile fading. "You were a rainbow," He said "A feast. A Symphony."

My Grade 
4 Blossoms

Heat Rating 


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  1. I don't think I'll be picking up this one. I usually love or hate Ms Ranney books and this one just isn't calling to me - Shonda annoyed me just reading the blurb, I don't think I could put up with a whole book with her on it and it's sad because Gordon and and Shonda's brother sound like good characters



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