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Book Review-What Isabella Desires

What Isabella Desires
Lords Of Intrigue (3)
Anne Mallory
Avon Romance
Published August 2007
353 Pages
Regency Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-06-124239-7
Author's Website
Lady Isabella Willoughby has always been patient and proper. But secretly, scandalously, she longs to be wild—to wear daring gowns while dancing the night away. Above all, she craves one thing: To be more than merely a "friend" to Marcus, the dashing, sinfully handsome Lord Roth.

Marcus has everything—power, prestige, wealth...enemies. He thrives on danger and lives life to the fullest knowing each day might be his last, for he carries a dark family secret which precipitates one simple rule—never fall in love. Especially not with dear Bella, who has, of late, transformed herself into a siren, bewitching every male she encounters with her newly unfettered sensuality. Marcus must not allow himself to be tempted—but his resolve is weakening by the minute.

For what Isabella desires, she is determined to get.
My Thoughts
Lady Isabella, has lived a most proper life, and is up to the highest of society's standards in decorum. Having become a widow, she is ready to be bold and daring like she has always dreamed of doing. She knows the one person that is perfect for teaching her ways to be scandalous...Marcus Stewart. Marcus and Isabella have been good friends for many years, playing chess and have a good platonic relationship. Marcus has never looked at Isabella as a woman, just a friend. But when she starts wearing certain dresses that he would never imagined her wearing, and attempting to seduce him, he knows he just might be in big trouble. Marcus has dealt with bold women before, but Isabella? He is more than shocked when she dares him into a sexual relationship, and he knows he could never refuse her. He starts to see a whole new side of Isabella, but Marcus must remember that he could never have a true family, or be able to have Isabella like he would want, but is the temptation of her kisses too great? Isabella knows that Marcus is resisting her, but she wants to prove to him that love is worth any risk.

The Hero (Marcus, Lord Roth)
Marcus, knows that he could never marry or have a family like he has desires. Circumstances of his birth, he knows that it would be criminal to subject his family to what he is cursed with. He has built a life working in the Foreign Office, along with his closest friends. When it becomes obvious that because of his work with the government, his team is in danger. But they are not the only ones in danger. One of his enemies, has come back to threaten everything that he holds dear, and endangers Isabella. Marcus doesn't want to admit his true feelings for Isabella, because he knows it would be too dangerous. However she tempts him into wanting more than a life a bleak loneliness.

The Heroine (Isabella Willoughby)
Isabella wants more from Marcus than friendship and chess player. She wants him to look at her with desire and passion. Isabella has been feeling itchy and aching for something more from her life. Something that will take her breath away. She has lived a proper life, one which everyone in society admires her for. However she wants to be with Marcus in a more scandalous way, where she could start to really live her life. She knows he would be perfect for what she wants, but he resists her continually. Isabella is determined to make sure that she gets what she wants most.. Marcus

My Thoughts 
What Isabella Desires is the third in the series. I haven't read the first two, so I was a bit lost, wondering what Marcus was into. But I was able to catch on pretty quick, but I would recommend reading this in order if possible. Although this isn't my favorite of the author, it was a enjoyable one. It wasn't pretty easy to get into the story, I didn't feel like I had to force myself to read it. I felt like it had a smooth flow to the story. There was a variety of witty humor that could be very entertaining and kept this reader interested. There was a bit of suspense to the plot, but not too much to override the romance of the story. I thought it balanced out quite harmoniously. I love the way Mallory spins this romantic tale with a taste of freshness. And I will not spoil anything but there is a surprise at the end of the book that truly shocked me. A shocker that almost had me in tears, I loved how emotionally provoking this story could be at times. Marcus lives a life of secrets, and I love a man who is mysterious, and yet has a seductive appeal about him. Isabella, is thirsting for passion, and I loved how she goes after what she wants. Even though she has a sweet disposition, she also has a daring personality that we see shine through. I really enjoyed seeing these two interact with each other on a intimate level, yet there was still a friendship there. Overall a enjoyable and delightful story that brings two friends into a passionate love affair, that will dazzle you. A comfortable read to relax into. Looking forward to reading the previous books in the series.

First Line 
She watched as he moved through the crowd, his tall, languid grace at odds with the look in his golden eyes, alert and predatory.

Favorite Quote 
"You are looking quite handsome tonight. Delicious really." A dark brow drew up and she watched it in fascination "Like chocolate and caramel. A dessert to savor."

My Grade 
4 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

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