Friday, November 29, 2013

Historical Romance Reading Challenge 2014

When I heard about this challenge, I was so excited to begin, especially any that know me knows how much I just love historical romance. This challenge is hosted by Herding Cats and Burning Soup, and it runs from January 1 2014, to December 31 2014.

The goal is to read at least 12 Historical Romance! 
  • Level 1--12 historical romance
  • Level 2--18 historical romances
  • Level 3--24 historical romance
  • Level 4--30+ historical romances
**Note**You can change your level at any time. It's just a starting point :)

What counts!
  • Every historical romance you read and review in 2014
  • Any time period prior to 1920 qualifies.
  • They can be historical paranormal, historical erotica, m/m, f/f, etc.
  • All historical romances over 100 pages in length--audio, ebook, print
  • Re-reads, cross overs from other challenges
I will be going for Level 4-30+ Historical Romances. As I read and review each book I will list them under the completed section. Feel free to jump over to Herding Cats and Burning Soup to join!!! The more the merrier.

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