Monday, October 25, 2010

Lusting For Covers (23)

Eva with A Striped Armchair, and Marge with The Adventures of a Intrepid Reader, which you should check out both of them, they are great!!! This meme is created to encourage bloggers to share books that they get from the Library, and since I am a avid lover of Libraries this is going to be one meme I am going to love doing every week. And I got quite a lot of books since there was so many of them I wanted to read!! So here they are

Season of the Sun is the first in the Viking Series by Catherine Coulter. And since I love reading this author, and I just am looking forward to read. And I also got the other books in the series to read as well which includes Lord of Hawfell Island, Lord of Ravens Peak, and Lord Falcon's Ridge. So excited!!!

This is part of the Lords of the Underworld series, and just became available at my library, so I grabbed it as fast as I could, and I can hardly wait to read Gideon's story.

After reading the first in the series, I have been eager to read the second one, and am thrilled to read it, especially after all the good things that I have heard about it!!

Golden Surrender is the first book of the Viking Saga written by Heather Graham, and its been a few years since I have read it, and I felt it in the mood to read it once more!!! Bring on the romance of the viking era!!!

Tender is the Storm has been on my list for a while of books that I haven't read but have wanted to. Johannna Lindsey is one of my favorite historical romance authors to read from!!!

What Happens In London is the second installment in the Belvestoke series. And it sounds like it going to be a delight to read!!

I have yet to read anything from this author, but have heard great things and am eager to see what kind of romances she writes.

Pleasures of a Dark Prince is part of the Immortals after Dark series, and came out this year, so I am excited to read this one!! Definitely sounds like the kind of romance that I would enjoy reading!!!

Kathleen Woodiwiss is such a great historical romance author, and looking forward to reading this one again since its been a while since I have read her books. Plus I love the new cover as well!!

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  1. There's quite a few good books there. I really need to read that Jennifer Ashley series.

    By the way, I have a new co-host, and there is a lovely new button, if you want to update!



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