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Book PROMO Big Bad Bite

Big Bad Bite
by Jessie Lane
New Edition
390 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Jenna O’ Conner has been taught her whole life to hide from everyone. Never to let anyone to close enough to know that she would prefer a shotgun for her birthday over of a bouquet of roses. She’s been smothered by her over protective family so that no one learns what she truly is. Which is not human. Nor, is she considered the norm for the supernatural Other community that is benevolent enough to share this world with the humans.

In a desperate attempt to live her own life away from the small town she was raised in, Jenna obtains her dream job as the newest member on the Wilmington Police Department’s SWAT Team. What she didn’t predict was that she would run into trouble her first day on the job, in the form of a deadly, mouthwatering man named Adam McPhee. Who is also not human, but more like a wolf walking around in human skin. He’s determined to figure out exactly what Jenna is, which unbeknownst to him, could very well put her life in danger. He’s also determined to have her all to himself.

As if that wasn’t enough for Jenna to deal with, bad news blows into town. A group of extremist Shifters who think humans are cattle and factions of Others worldwide should stay within their own species - never to intermingle. Chaos ensues. Jenna has to find a way to shut them down, but in the process of trying to do that, discovers things about herself that even she never thought was possible.

Who said the wolf was what you had to worry about?
Welcome to the real world.
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Excerpt 1

Hanging up with Kent, Jenna looks over to her Uncle. “We’ve got at least an hour to waste. How about you explain this Pack Master thing to me.”
Uncle Owen cocks his head to the side, considering her, and then asks, “What is it that you want to know about being Pack Master?”
“What is a Pack Master? What does you being the Pack Master mean and how did you become it? Is it because my father was the Pack Master and you’re related to him?”
A smug smile crosses his face. “There is one Pack Master for almost every continent. A Pack Master is the top Alpha Wolf for that continent and runs the entire area as his territory. So, for example, Adam is the Alpha of North Carolina, his job is to promote peace, make sure all of the wolves in his area are taken care of, and dispense discipline as well as justice if it’s needed. Him being Alpha is a position he earned by being the strongest wolf in the state and having the willingness to fight and kill any other wolf that wishes to challenge him to prove it. Although strong Alpha genetics do run in a family, it does not guarantee you an Alpha position if you’re related to one. I am not Pack Master because your father was and I’m his brother. Your father was the Pack Master because he was the biggest, baddest Wolf in this country. When he was killed I had to publically stake my claim in the title with anyone else who wanted the position, and then we were paired off in fights in front of anyone of our kind who wanted to watch, to the death. Like MacLeod in the Highlander, there could be only one. I inherited the Pack Master title because I’m the biggest, baddest motherfucker in the United States and I’m willing to kill anyone who challenges me mercilessly to prove it.”
Jenna blinks back at her Uncle in a small state of shock. “So you’re telling me that you became Pack Master because of your willingness to be a killer?”
He shakes his head. “No, I’m telling you that I’m Pack Master because I have a number of qualities that allow me to lead our people. Intelligence, strength, and when needed, a head for politics. I also have to be willing to kill anyone stupid enough to challenge me for the position. It’s out of necessity I assure you, not pleasure. Thankfully, the majority of my wolves are smart enough to know they wouldn’t stand a chance against me.”
“So what are you, like the wolf shifter version of the Terminator? Unstoppable and un-killable?”
His smug grin expands and turns into something that resembles a deadly shark like smile. “No, you could say I’m more like the Borg. Everyone will assimilate and resistance is futile.”
Jenna snorts. She should have known that she would be related to lethal geeks. God forbid she actually be related to anybody with any normal tendencies. That might be asking any higher powers for more than they can handle. 
Excerpt 2 

Weaving through the crowds, Jenna sees Amy tucked in between two different men, dancing with her hands stroking the pecs of one wolf’s chest as she kisses him, their teeth clashing and tongues sliding together seductively. The second wolf tightens his grip on her hips to grind his groin into her ass. Jenna may be a virgin, but she isn’t shy about the prospect of sex. The three bodies entwining in their passionate dance is enough to amp up her already throbbing core.
Pushing through the edges of the crowd, her eyes find Clay at their table, whispering into the ear of an exceptionally attractive blonde. It looks like the entire club is here to hook up tonight. Keeping her original destination of the bar in sight, Jenna’s feet carry her even closer to her goal when a large hand grabs her arm, swiftly moving her into a small, dark alcove, halfway to her destination.
Hands crush her to a masculine chest and Adam’s aroused scent overwhelms the area. His left hand wraps around her waist, landing low on the small of her back, while his right hand grabs the back of her neck, angling their faces closer together. His lips are hovering hesitantly over her own as if he is giving Jenna that scant moment to make the decision to push him away. As much as her brain tells her that pushing him away is exactly what she should do, the rest of her body isn’t getting the message. No, her traitorous body is craving the same kind of explosive sex that the song is still droning on about in the background. Adam’s warm breath fans her face as he leans over until their lips are just skimming the others.
He growls. “I’ve wanted to do this since the moment I saw you pointing that gun at me.”
In a flash, his lips are crushing hers in a bruising kiss. Then, he’s running the tip of his tongue along the seam of her lips until she gasps at the tingling sensation. He doesn’t waste the opportunity to thrust his tongue inside her mouth. The wet, silky length slides against her own in a way that feels so carnal that it makes her body heat instantly for him. As he kisses her thoroughly and sensually, unlike anything she could have ever dreamed of before, he lets go of her neck to slide his hand down the sensitive length of her body.
Rubbing the side of her breast on his path down to grasp both cheeks of her ass fiercely, he turns them around so that her back hits the wall behind them. He lifts her until the V of her thighs cradles the hard length of him and she wraps her legs around his waist, pulling him tighter against her now rolling hips. Their bodies are pressed so intimately together, not even air separates them. Her nipples harden against the feel of his chest subtly rubbing them, causing him to groan into her mouth.
Jenna feels her body hum with excitement, begging for more. With one hand clenched in his gorgeous, auburn hair and the other fisting his shirt, she rocks her core against him. Suddenly wishing that they’re somewhere much more private and with a lot less clothes on. Every nerve ending in her body that lay dormant through the years of self-denial flares with sensation, urging her to finally give in and indulge in the ultimate forbidden act. Her wolf is practically rabid with the possibility of how it could be between her and the Alpha erotically pressed to the front of her. Demanding her physical attention. Her submission. What would sex be like between them?


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