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ARC Book Review-The Marrying Season

The Marrying Season
St. Dwynwen (3)
Candace Camp
E Book
Published April 23 2013
416 Pages
Regency Historical Romance
ISBN 145163952X

The third novel in the New York Times bestselling Legend of St. Dwynwen trilogy depicts the delicious romance between a haughty lady and the gentleman who coaxes her to drop her guard at last.

Genevieve Stafford, the younger sister of the Earl of Rawdon (A Summer Seduction), is an icy but beautiful aristocrat. Determined to make the sort of marital alliance expected of a woman of her station, she becomes engaged to the scion of another noble family. However, when Genevieve finds herself entangled in scandal, her fiancé breaks things off. Shamed, she has no recourse but to retreat to the family estate…until her brother’s friend, Sir Myles Thorwood, offers to marry Genevieve and salvage her reputation.

Genevieve expects to have a loveless marriage of convenience, but the handsome, charming Myles has other things in mind. As the two of them work to discover who engineered the scandal that could have ruined Genevieve’s life, Myles shows Genevieve just what it means to be man and wife. Genevieve finds it difficult to resist the passion Myles evokes in her, but can she risk losing her heart to a man she thinks sees their union as only a duty?
My Review
Genevieve, knows that it is time to get married. So she accepts an offer, but then the worst happens. During a ball, she receives a note from a friend, to meet in a private room to discuss something of great importance. When she arrives however, she finds herself being attacked by a man she is acquainted with, who is drunk and as she tries to fight him off, ends up being seen by numerous members of the Ton. Now she is embroiled in a scandal, and her fiancee rejects her in front of others in the most unscrupulous way. Then Myles, a friend of her brothers, makes a respectable offer to her of marriage. Even though at first she refuses to to accept his offer. The last thing that she wants to do is hurt Myles. But she knows she doesn't have many options, she she accepts his offer. At first she doesn't know what to make of this marriage. She cares deeply for Myles, but he has known her since she was a little girl. Genevieve starts to have mixed feelings about Myles, she is starting to feel much more for Myles than she ever did before. Now she is starting to feel a deep desire for Myles, he has awakened her senses and she she knows she risks losing her heart to him.

The Hero (Sir Myles Thorwood)
Myles, is a honorable man, and has always admired and respected Genevieve. As a close friend of her brother, he has known her for a very long time. Even though she is termed "Ice Queen" he knows differently. When she ends up broiled in a scandal that wasn't even her fault, he knows he is the only one that can step in. At first he doesn't know what to expect of their marriage, or even of Genevieve. But he only wants to prove to her that he does care for her deeply.

The Heroine (Genevieve Stafford)
Genevieve, is not like most women among society. She has her own mind, but at the same time she is more reserved and a bit shy at times. When she ends up in a scandal and betrayed by her fiancee. Who drops out of their planned marriage when she ends up ruined, (not by her own making) she is relieved. But she knows she will have to mary Myles or be ruined and shunned by society forever.  She considers Myles to be a good friend and the last thing that she wants is to ruin his life. She knows that will happen if he marries her. At first she wants to reject his offer, but in the end she knows she doesn't have much choice in the matter. Once she marries him however, she finds that she is starting to open her heart to him and only hopes that he won't break it like she fears.

My Thoughts 
I haven't read Canace Camp in quite some time, so when Edelweiss offered me this ARC copy to read and review, I was overly excited. I just have loved every book that I have read from this author so far. So I was so excited to read this especially after reading the blurb. It took a chapter or two to get into the story, and then once I really got into it, I was fully enthralled. I found it difficult to put down. Genevieve I found to be a very endearing character, and I was on her side through most of the story. Among most people she seems to carry the image of being ice cold, when she isn't the most social of people. She is more shy than anything, (which I find I can relate with a bit :). So I really enjoyed seeing her come out of her shell throughout the story. From the start I fell for Myles, he is the type of hero you just want for yourself. He is very honorable, and caring but still has a strong and protective personality. I really loved how these two were together, it was so sweet and tender at times. But they surely did know how to argue and much so that it was widely entertaining and amusing. There were many things that I loved about The Marrying Scandal. One is the intriguing plot that had some mysterious elements and even some suspenseful moments involved. Second were the depth of the characters and how well their emotions and actions were portrayed throughout the story. Also there were definitely sparks flying between these two that just sizzled and danced. A Lovely story that is full of everything that you need for a satisfying tale of romance. A True Treasure!

First line 
Genevieve Stafford watched, smiling, as her brother led his new bride onto the floor for their first dance. 

My Favorite Quote 
Genevieve sighed in her sleep and wriggled back into him, and his body leaped in response. She was a warm, soft, desirable armful. And she was his. 

My Grade On This Book 
4.5 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

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