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Book Review-The Stolen Princess

The Stolen Princess
Devil Riders (1)
Anne Gracie
Berkley Sensation
Mass Market Paperback
Published January 2008
 356 Pages
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-425-21898-3
Author's Website
From Anne Gracie come the Devil Riders—four soldiers back from war and forced to adapt to a new world. Here, meet Gabriel Renfrew, who rescues a runaway princess—and falls head over heels in love.

The estranged younger son of an earl, Gabriel Renfrew earned glory and honor on the battlefield, but now, without purpose, he finds himself deliberately courting danger at every turn. Then one night he races his horse along a dangerous moonlit cliff—and stumbles upon a beautiful woman obviously in need of saving.

A princess on the run, Callie has disguised herself and her son, the crown prince, as commoners, hoping to protect him from those intent on stealing the throne. She has no choice but to trust the handsome ex-officer who's come to her rescue, even when he insists that only a marriage of convenience will provide her the ultimate protection. But while her new husband may keep Callie and her son safe from assassins, what will he do to her heart?
My Review
Callie is on the run from dangerous men who seek to kill her son to gain access to the throne. When it becomes clear that she has no other options, she flees with her son and heads to the country that she has always considered to be home, England. When she arrives though, it is not the destination she had agreed to. Both herself and her son are tossed overboard and swim to shore, in a place she doesn't recognize, but then a handsome stranger arrives and gives them shelter and food. Callie doesn't know what to make of Gabe, he is strong and capable but she knows he could never protect her fully from the one man that would seek her harm, however she can't seem to resist the temptation of his kisses or the strength of his arms, where for the first time in a long time she desires more than anything to be loved and desired as just a woman. Gabe finds Callie breathtakingly beautiful, and is instantly drawn to her and to her son. He senses that there is a real danger to them, and that Callie is way more than she appears to be. When he finds out the truth and circumstances force them to marry Gabe is more than willing, even if he can have her for a short time, he wants to prove to her how strong his love for her can be.

The Hero (Gabriel Renfrew)
Gabe, even though the son of a Earl, joined the English Military and served well. One of the most accomplished men on the battlefield, and has recently returned to England to build a life for himself now that he is back home. He plans on building a horse farm along with his brothers until he stumbles upon Callie and her son Nick. When he first meets Callie, he finds her irresistible, and senses beneath the tough exterior someone in need of love and comfort, more than anyone. When it comes clear that he will have to marry her in order to protect her, he wonders if it would be the right call, because he desperately loves her and knows he will only be able to have her for a short time...but will it be enough?

The Heroine (Caroline, Princess of Zandaria)
Callie, has royal blood within her. Her mother was a princess, even though her family was poor, she had distinguished blood. So her father when she came of age, desired she marry a royal. She ended up marrying a Prince from Zindaria. She first believed that he truly cared about her, and she had fallen in love with him. Only she later learned that he did everything as a act, now he is dead, her son in danger, and has no where to turn except for England, the one place she believes she can be protected. But when things don't turn out as she thought they might, she ends up having to make a choice that will either be the worst mistake, or the best decision she could have ever made for herself and for her son and their future.

My Thoughts 
The Stolen Princess is the first in the series, and I found it to be so addicting, I could hardly put it down. I wondered what this one would be like, especially since the last one I read was good, but didn't have me so enthralled like this one did. I love how charming this one was. I just absolutely adored Gabe. Gabe is not pure Alpha, he is so much better. He likes to take control and loves to be obeyed (he is a man and was in the military right?) and Callie just never does. She defies him on every turn, it aggravates him so. Which I found to be very amusing. These two just danced around each other, it was pretty hilarious. Callie was the type of heroine that I admired at times and got frustrated with at other times. Most times I liked her, she has gone to hell and back trying to protect her son, and I really liked that about her. But she is also afraid of her own shadow at times. But I did enjoy seeing her grow a bit more throughout the story, and become stronger and more sure of herself. I loved how she ended up fighting for Gabe and to keep him in her life. Now about the little boy Nick...I have to say I was utterly charmed by this mini scoundrel. He is so cute with the little phrases and how at the age of seven still fights for those that he cares about. Made me wish I had a child just like him. LOL. Overall a charming story that had me totally into the story from the first chapter, and I could hardly put it down. The way Gracie writes her story is just brilliant, and I loved the little intricacies this author displays. The plot was exciting and I was on the edge during many parts. I loved the way this story is weaved in such a way that makes you want to join in on the adventures. The love story was endearing and emotionally heart wrenching, and I loved seeing these two grow as the story progressed. A Winner hands down!! One you don't want to miss out on.

First Line 
The Puppy was the last straw.

Favorite Quote 
"So you think I'm perfect, do you?" he said as he opened a stall door.
She looked bewildered " How could you possibly think that?"
"You just told me I was"
"I did not!"
"You said I was a perfect strang--"
She narrowed her eyes at him. "I mean a complete stranger," she corrected him. " A wholly unknown person, and certainly not a person to be trusted with my son. And do not be flippant when I am reprimanding you!"
"No ma'am." Gabe murmured. "You're very pretty when you're cross, you know."

*a Paragraph later*
"Do you know, I have the perfect solution for the way you're feeling," Gabe told her.
"Oh, do you? And what might that be?"
"This." And before she could even guess what he intended, he took a step forward. Which brought her hard against him, breast to chest.
She gasped. The most kissable mouth in the world formed a perfect O of surprise and Gabriel did what he'd been planning to do since he'd first clapped eyes on her.
He kissed her. 

My Grade 
4.5 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

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