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Book Review-Rainshadow Road

Rainshadow Road
Friday Harbor (2)
Lisa Kleypas
St Martin's Griffin
Published March 2012
308 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Author's Website
From New York Times bestselling author Lisa Kleypas comes a tale of love and magic...

Lucy Marinn is a glass artist living in mystical, beautiful, Friday Harbor, Washington. She is stunned and blindsided by the most bitter kind of betrayal: her fiancé Kevin has left her. His new lover is Lucy’s own sister. Lucy's bitterness over being dumped is multiplied by the fact that she has constantly made the wrong choices in her romantic life.

Facing the severe disapproval of Lucy's parents, Kevin asks his friend Sam Nolan, a local vineyard owner on San Juan Island, to "romance" Lucy and hopefully loosen her up and get her over her anger. Complications ensue when Sam and Lucy begin to fall in love, Kevin has second thoughts, and Lucy discovers that the new relationship in her life began under false pretenses. Questions about love, loyalty, old patterns, mistakes, and new beginnings are explored as Lucy learns that some things in life—even after being broken—can be made into something new and beautiful
My Review
Lucy, has a talent for creating beautiful glass, and currently resides in Friday Harbor in Washington. She lives with her boyfriend, Kevin, whom she has been with for over two years. Lucy is content with life, and feels as if everything has fallen into place for her; until Kevin lays a bombshell on her. He breaks up with her, at first Lucy doesn't understand why. It was the last thing that she ever expected Kevin to say to her. But then she finds out he has been cheating on her with her sister, of all people. Lucy has yet to find someone that can love her for who she really is. But then she stumbles across Sam Nolan, who is charismatic and kind and very handsome. Lucy, knowing that he may one day, break her heart, pursues a relationship with him. At first its very slow, and she tries to shield her heart, knowing he can't even sleep with her at night, he avoids any kind of commitment or love at any given time. But when she feels that she is starting to truly care for Sam, because she has connected with him on such a more intimate level than anyone before now; she knows that what they share can never last, but will Sam be able to live his life without Lucy?

The Hero (Sam Nolan)
Sam, grew up in a home where his parents had the worst marriage possible. They had no idea how to have a healthy relationship, and growing up in that environment made him very cynical and runs whenever a woman wants more than casual sex. Sam went to college, and now has a vineyard, and is working as hard as he can to make it a beautiful and productive. He also has his hands full with his niece, whom along with his brother, have become her new parents (in a way) after their sister dies. When he meets Lucy he is very resistant to starting any kind of relationship with her, because he knows deep down, he could very well lose his heart to her sweet spirit who calls to him.

The Heroine (Lucy Marinn)
Ever since Lucy was a little girl, she has had a fascination with glass. How it was made, and how it turns out so beautiful. She senses something pure and clean about it. She has dedicated her life to pursuing a career to be a glass artist. When Lucy was younger, her other sister got all the attention and was always spoiled and received everything she ever wanted. But Lucy, had to do things for herself, and her parents never came close to spoiling her like her sister. When she learns of the betrayal and that her own boyfriend chose her sister over her, she is devastated. But now desires a life free of the male species until Sam comes along and changes everything.

My Thoughts 
After reading Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor, I was very much looking forward to reading Sam's story. I always felt like he would be the perfect hero for one of Kleypas's stories. It started out within the first paragraph having me hooked into this story. I could hardly put it down, and read it within a day. I had no trouble staying with the plot and the characters, and I just fell in love with Sam and Lucy. I really liked Lucy, I found her to have some good qualities, but also to have a bit of a vulnerability, that I felt I could relate to. You never want the characters to be so perfect you never feel you can relate with them in any way. I felt like both had a carefree manner about them. Sam is just....HOT...that is all I have to say. I liked how resistant he is to love and commitment, and really liked seeing him proven wrong. Especially since he fights it so would think his life was in danger right? He can just make you melt.  I also liked the bit of magical element that Kleypas's mixes in with the added a bit more enchantment feel to the story, that just endeared me even more. I also loved the humor and the sense of playfulness that is shown all throughout the story. A Charming read that will just take you breath away and leave you breathless for more. A beautifully written story that is deeply satisfying that is rewarding!!! A Remarkable story of love, magic and commitment.

First Line 
When Lucy Marinn was seven years old, three things happened: Her little sister Alice got sick, she was assigned her first science fair project, and she found out that magic existed. 

My Favorite Quote 
Lucy's trembling fingers came to his lips, caressing them gently. "Are you sure? How do you know its not just about sex?"
"It is about with your mind, sex with your soul, sex with the color of your eyes, the smell of your skin. I want to sleep in your bed. I want you to be the first thing I see every morning and the last thing I see at night. I love you the way I never though I could love anyone."

My Grade On This Book 
4.5 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

Other Books In The Series 
Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor
Dream Lake 


  1. I have yet to read one of Lisa's contemporary books. I've only read her historical novels. This looks like it might be a good place to start.

  2. I'm glad you really liked it. I enjoyed this one quite a bit when I first read it.
    I liked the whole glass thing acturally and the ay magic was incorporated here.
    Have you read Dream Lake yet?

  3. You really should try her contemporaries. Although her historical's are my favorite. If I were to recommend a contemporary for you to try first it would be Blue Eyed Devil!!! That is my favorite of all of her contemporaries so far. :) Happy Reading!

  4. I really liked it more than I thought I would. I haven't read Dream Lake but hopefully I can get it on my next trip to the library.



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