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Secret Manuevers Blog Tour: GUEST POST and GIVEAWAY

Some mistakes from the past haunt us forever...
One 'dear John' letter haunts Bobby Baker's every living moment. It’s the letter he stupidly wrote to his high school sweetheart, Belle, right after he left to join the Army. The letter that he told her that he wasn't so sure if they were ready for forever yet. But before he can let her know that the letter, and his second thoughts, are nothing but a mistake, she up and disappears from the small Georgia town they were both raised in.
unless fate steps in with a second chance.
Fifteen years later, Belle unknowingly walks back into Bobby's life when her job as an ATF Agent forces her to work with a group of men secretly headed by the CIA to help her track down whoever is involved in funneling black market weapons to a drug cartel in Mexico.
Bobby will use this mission to try and soothe Belle's hurt feelings while proving to her that their love is still meant for forever. He'll use every dirty trick he's learned since he joined the Army to maneuver her back into his life for the long haul. But Belle's not making it easy as she keeps him at arm's length in the hopes that mistakes of her own never come to light.
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Men don’t wax poetic on how they feel about other men. It was in the unwritten man rules somewhere that we were allowed to burp, fart and scratch our balls around each other, but there would be no wordy displays of affection. Anyone who violated that rule would have to turn our man card in. Even if the other guy was my best friend and had covered my ass on more missions than I could count. At this moment in time, though, I was willing to make a serious exception to the man rules since Declan had talked Belle into staying for a game of poker and beer.

Now I was on the verge of telling Riley that Belle and I would name our first child after him because he was loading her up with booze. It was a low-down dirty play, but she wasn’t giving me another in. If I could get her drunk, then get her talking, it could be the breakthrough I’d been looking for. In essence, maneuvering her into a drunken corner in order to keep her in one spot long enough for me to talk to her because, God knew, that woman wouldn’t give me the time of day otherwise.

The game continued, and it was easy to see that Belle was quickly slipping into a drunken stupor since she’d been squinting at her cards for the last four hands, trying to figure out in her head what she was holding. As if that wasn’t cute enough, now she had the tip of her tongue peeking out of the side of her mouth like the crap hand of cards she was holding was a three thousand year old treasure map, and she was trying to figure it out to get the treasure. When I looked over to see the amused grins on Declan and Riley’s faces aimed at Belle because she was once again holding up the game, it caused me to shake my head in feigned disgust. It was easy to see that, after all these years, my girl still had no idea that she was a natural at being cute.
Looking back to her, I muttered, “Baby, you going to play that hand or keep staring at it?”
Her head flew up and, for a moment, I braced myself for what was probably going to be a seriously pissed off woman’s rant about how I had no right to call her baby anymore. Instead, she threw her hands up in the air in disgust, and then plopped them down on the table with not a care in the world that she was flashing her cards to everyone. Huffing in annoyance, she exclaimed, “Gimme a second here, Ace! I’m tryin’ to concentrate on what I’m doin’!”
My breath caught in my chest. You could never pay me enough to admit this aloud, hell, I’d never let anyone torture this fact out of me, but hearing her say the name ‘Ace’ for the first time in fifteen years was the most beautiful thing I’d ever heard. Hearing that one, little name again made my chest constrict painfully for a few seconds before slowly turning everything inside me into something warm and good. It was the closest thing I’d felt to being whole in a long damn time.
Not that Belle gave me any time to enjoy that nice warm feeling. Upon realization of what 

 she’d said, all the color drained out of her face, and she was halfway out of the Sullivan’s room 

before I could blink. Not that I was letting her get away from me this time. Throwing my cards 

on the table, I hauled ass after her, leaving the smirking Sullivan brothers in my dust. Luckily, 

the alcohol had slowed her down, so she hadn’t made it very far down the breezeway when I 

caught sight of her again. By the time I was in arm’s reach of her, she was unknowingly just 

four steps short of my hotel room’s door. Opportunity wasn’t knocking, he was telling me to 

haul my girl, kicking and screaming, into my room and kick the damn door down to get there, 

if I had to.

About The Author 

     Jessie Lane is the writing team of Crystal Leo and Melissa Pahl. The two sisters-in-law share a passionate love of naughty romance, cliff hanging suspense, and out-of-this-world characters that demand your attention, or threaten to slap you around until you do pay attention to them. Because really, it is ALL about the characters. (They're kind of megalomaniacs - but don't tell them that we said that.)
  Their first YA novel, The Burning Star, was released in May 2012. Big Bad Bite is their second novel, but their first adult paranormal romance, and was released in January 2013. Their third book, Secret Maneuvers, releases on June 15, 2013, and will be the start of a new adult contemporary romance series (Ex Ops Series). They are now working on their next three novels, Walk On The Striped Side (Big Bad Bite Series #2), Stripping Her Defenses (Ex Ops Series #2), and The Frozen Star (YA Star Series #2).
  With these projects underway, they are looking forward to showing the rest of the world their crazy stories, heroes and heroines that often plague their minds until written, and hope you will join them on their journey!

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Top Ten Hottest Men in Uniform – Movie Edition!

Just like most women on the planet, we love a man in uniform. Ever see a soldier working out in their PT gear? Delicious. Those tight little shorts they run in while jogging on the beach leave little to the imagination. And we have some wild imaginations. To give you an idea of some of the guys we drool over for inspiration while writing Secret Maneuvers, and the boys like Bobby on the Ex Ops Team, we’ve chosen ten hot actors that look devilishly handsome in everything from their dress blues to their camis.(Or, if we’re lucky, in our dreams they’re wearing a whole lot of nothing!)
Melissa’s Picks:
5) Tom Cruise - as Lt. Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell in Top Gun. Everyone’s favorite pilot. I know you have the theme song running through your head now. Highway to the danger zone, Ride into the danger zone!!!HAHA! I couldn’t resist.

4) Josh Duhamel – as Captain William Lennox of the Special Ops team in Transformers. Crystal is shaking her head at me for this one. But what can I say, he’s hot!

3) Matt Damon – as Pfc. James Francis Ryan in Saving Private Ryan. Such a beautifully played role and yes I cried like a baby at the end.

2) Josh Hartnett – as SSg. Matt Eversmann in Black Hawk Down. I actually know some men that were there during the real Battle of Mogadishu.
And my favorite military man in a movie is played by…

Channing Tatum – as SSg. John Tyree in 

Dear John. I can stare at that yummy man all 

day. Or at least until Crystal throws 

something at me to disrupt my viewing 


Crystal’s Picks:

5) Jake Gyllenhaal – as Anthony Swofford in Jarhead. Like The Hurt Locker, this is a movie that delves into the thoughts and emotions of what our soldiers go through during war time. It’s not a feel good, shoot ‘em up, blowing crap up for fun movie. It’s a moving, and thought provoking movie where Gyllenhaal shined. He also still managed to look lick-able.

4) Bradley Cooper – as Templeton "Faceman" Peck, 1st Lieutenant, Special Forces, United States Army in The A-Team. H-E-L-L-O… You only need to look at the man to know why he’s on this list. Because he’s H.O.T.!

3) Dwayne Johnson – as “Roadblock”  in G.I. Joe Retaliation. Hey! No judging! If Melissa can put Transformers on this list, then I’m allowed to indulge in the geekiness too!

2) Jeremy Renner – as SFC. William James in The Hurt Locker. While the movie itself is very in depth, moving, and vivid picture of the stark reality of what soldiers go through in war time, I can’t help but stare a little too closely at Renner. He’s extremely drool worthy! (On another note, my Dad knows the guy this movie is based on. It made watching the movie kind of surreal. And for any of you who have watched this movie and are wondering – YES – Renner’s real life inspiration for the movie DID take off his bomb suit to dismantle that one bomb. Can we say, “HOLY CRAP!”?)

And my favorite military man in a movie is played by… 

1) Mark Wahlberg – as Marcus Luttrell in Lone Survivor. You’ve never heard of this movie? Of fantasy material” right there. If you’d rather have a current movie reference, check out the movie Shooter. So now you know some of the hottest fictional men who errr… inspire us. Yeah… they definitely “inspire”. Who are your favoritehotties from television or movies? Tell us below in the comments section! Want to know who some of our favorite fictional kickass women who inspire us? Check out our guest post “Top Ten Badass Women – Movie Edition!” at The Book Whisperer’s Blog on July 3rd!
course you haven’t! It’s not out yet. But it’s coming out in the beginning of 2014, and even though I haven’t seen it yet, it’s freakin’ Mark Wahlberg people! The man could just sit in a chair and stare at me and I’d probably have an orgasm. A movie where he’s playing a Navy SEAL?!?! That’s called “


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  • Secret Maneuvers ebook
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  • Custom designed dog tags
  • $50 Gift Card to Amazon or Barnes and Noble
  • REV IT UP by Julie Ann Walker
  • IN THE AIR TONIGHT by Stephanie Tyler
  • FREE FALL by Catherine Mann
  • Catherine Mann bookmark

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