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Book Review-Midnight Rider

Midnight Rider
Kat Martin
St Martins
Published March 1996
372 Pages
American West Historical Romance
ISBN: 0-312-95774-2
Author's Website

As soon as the tall, handsome Spaniard leaned down from his stallion to offer her a rose, Caralee McConnell knew California held danger. But all too quickly she was forced to deny the heat Ramon de la Guerra had sparked. Determined to please her uncle who had saved her from poverty, she must resign herself to marrying a man he has chosen for her ... and ignore what is in her heart.

Behind Ramon de la Guerra's dark eyes throbbed the memory of his lands, stolen by the beautiful Americana's uncle. He had sworn to reclaim them --- riding by night as the ruthless outlaw, El Dragon. In a moment of rage and revenge, he stole Caralee away to his mountain lair ... but there, in a passion as sweet as California wine, he would reveal a secret that could cost him his life --- and his heart's freedom.
My Review 
I wasn't sure how much I would enjoy this one, so I was crossing my fingers. It didn't take very lone before I was totally involved in the story. There were many things that I liked about Midnight Rider. I don't think I have enjoyed a book so much in quite a while. The setting of the story I found to be instantly appealing, and I felt as if I had traveled back to the 1800's in California. What I really loved about this story is seeing the way the author mixed rich culture, history, and a fictional love story that only added a extra spice to the story.

Ramon de la Guerra, is determined to get his land back, land that has belonged to his family for generations. He knows that despite Caralee's beauty and charm, her uncle stole his land, and he means to do whatever it takes to get it back. Alongside his brother, he goes on a ride disguised as the "El Dragon", an outlaw known as stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Ramon ends up stealing horses from Carly's uncle, and Carly seeing what is happening, raises the alarm. In the chaos Ramon's brother ends up being killed, and Carly taken hostage by a man who blames her for his brother's death. He then forcibly takes her to his mountain lair, hidden away and near impossible find. Even though Carly in the past, has felt a spark between herself and Ramon, she knows that Ramon is dangerous she can't seem to help feeling a passion for him. Ramon at first sees Carly as a rich spoiled brat, but after he kidnaps her, he sees that Carly is anything but. He can't help but falling hard for her, even knowing that her uncle would never allow them together, since he despises Spaniards. But will their love be strong enough to withstand danger around every corner.

Ramon is a super alpha male, and is full of sensuality and has a aura of danger that surrounds him. Ramon tends to act before he thinks, and at first you see him as almost brutal, but when his head clears, he becomes sensitive and caring and I couldn't help but love the way he is with Carly. Carly is not the spoiled brat he thinks her. When they first meet at a party, her uncle forbids her to be kind to Ramon. So she appears to be cool and aloof, but she craves passion and love and something real. Carly is hardworking having been raised working hard along side her parents, until they passed away. She has a very appealing personality, she is stubborn and passionate, but she also has a sweet side to her that makes it seem easy to relate with her.

This was such a thrilling adventure to read!! I had such a blast seeing these two characters interact, and the conflicts that arose that only challenged them and their relationship. I found that I could hardly put this one down last night. Once I really got into it, it was almost impossible to put down. My heart just went out to this couple. I felt like it was one of those styles, where pretty much everything is against the couple, and they somehow manage to get their HEA. It was great seeing how this author incorporated a variety of different cultures, and it was obvious that she did her research of the time. A perfect blend of sexual tension, suspenseful plot, a enticing love story that is bound to blow you away!! CHARMING UNTIL THE LAST PAGE!!

First Line 
Silver conchos. Caralee McConnell fixed her eyes on the row of shiny ornaments glinting in the torch light, the bright circles like badges of valor, arrowing down the Spaniard's long, lean leg.

Favorite Quote 
"I love you, my heart. I love you as I never have loved before."

My Grade 
4.5 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

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