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Book Review-Confessions Of A Arranged Marriage

Confessions From An Arranged Marriage
The Burgundy Club (4)
Miranda Neville
Mass Market Paperback
Published April 2012
375 Pages
Regency Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-06-202305-6
Author's Website
They couldn't be more different—but there's one thing they agree on...

In London after a two-year exile, Lord Blakeney plans to cut a swathe through the bedchambers of the demimonde. Marriage is not on his agenda, especially to an annoying chit like Minerva Montrose, with her superior attitude and a tendency to get into trouble. And certainly the last man Minerva wants is Blake, a careless wastrel without a thought in his handsome head.

The heat and noise of her debutante ball give Minerva a migraine. Surely a moment's rest could do no harm . . . until Blake mistakes her for another lady, leaving Minerva's guests to catch them in a very compromising position. To her horror, the scandal will force them to do the unthinkable: marry. Their mutual loathing blazes into unexpected passion but Blake remains distant, desperate to hide a shameful secret. Minerva's never been a woman to take things lying down, and she'll let nothing stop her from winning his trust . . . and his heart.
My Review

I am a bit sad to see the series concluded now that I have read the last and final book. I have really enjoyed seeing the variety of sets of stories that have been put in place in this series.I found that the first half was alright, didn't exactly completely draw me into the story, but once I got about halfway, that is when it started to really pick up. Despite the slower start, I definitely had fun with this one.

Minerva has always had ambition and has a passion for the political arena. She wants a marriage with a man that has the same desire to make a difference as she does. She knows that her views can be  a bit radical, wanting equality for everyone. But her plans get put on hold when she ends up caught in a compromising position that is no fault of her own, and is forced to marry Lord Blakely or face a horrendous scandal. She has no desire to marry Blake, since all he cares about is sports and horses. He has no intellectual drive that she knows of, and there couldn't be a worse possible match for her. Blake has never been able to read. He had to force his way through his studies, his brain has never been able to make sense of jumbled letters that make no sense. He is the heir to a Dukedom, and he knows his father is always disappointed in him. He has always known that he will have to marry one day, but he has no clue that drunk one night, that he would end up compromising Minnie, and end up having to marry her. A woman he fears of ever learning his secret. But when they go to Paris, passion is awakened, and he starts to believe that their marriage could turn into something special.

My heart just broke for Blake in this story. I was totally on his side through the whole story. He has struggled with a certain mental condition, that was not known of back in the 1800's. With no help, only criticism and censure from his family and peers. I felt like he did a good job with handling tough situations, and even though he could care less about politics, I loved seeing the way he was with Minnie and what he would do for her. Blake loves sports and women, but he is the honorable kind, sensitive to others and can be very reasonable at times. Minnie wasn't my favorite, I mean she was a average heroine, but I didn't find her too like able. There were some aspects of her characters I did like, but I felt that she was too judgemental at times, and had politics on the brain almost too obsessive I found at times. But overall I did like how she reacts to finding out about Blake's secret. She did have a sweet nature that I really liked.

Overall I did enjoy this story quite a bit, not my favorite of the series, but it was a fun and it had some interesting look on politics back in this era in England. I liked how this author also put a mental condition into one of the characters that added a certain conflict to the story, that made me like it even more. It was also a fun setting from Paris to London, and seeing this couple interact and see how right they are for each other. Both are clever, just in different areas and I enjoyed seeing how well they complimented each other. A sweet and romantic story that is very moving!! LOVED IT!

My Grade 
4 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

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