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Book Review-The Bride's Bed by Linda Needham

Title: The Bride Bed 
Author: Linda Needham 
Format: E Book 
Publisher: Avon 
Release Date: October 1 2002 
Pages: 384
Acquired: Bought at B&N
Genre: Medieval Historical Romance 
ISBN: 9780061739668

A Reluctant Bride
The king has decreed that his loyal servant, Lord Alex de Monteneau, will rule the Lady Talia's lands and determine whom the fiery maiden will wed. The groom he chooses, however, will certainly not be himself, for the noble knight desires a far richer castle and a docile wife -- not this infuriating, iron-willed beauty who resists his authority at every turn. Yet the woman's charm, strength, and smoldering sensuality are rapidly becoming a serious distraction.

In the past, Lady Talia has managed to save her humble ancestral castle -- and her virtue -- from numerous self-proclaimed "husbands." But the unnervingly attractive warrior who had "rescued" her from yet another unwanted wedding seems the most dangerous of the lot. No man will ever decide her future! But how can Talia hope to retain her cherished independence when she secretly, passionately longs for Alex to share her bed?

My Review
Linda Needham is a author, that gives me that "warm fuzzy" feeling and is one of those author that is
amazing in writing romances. I have noticed that her books have been coming in digital format. When I saw this one on sale, I just knew that I had to pick it up right away. The Bride Bed is a charming love story, it is set in the early 1100's and is a story of true love that isn't easy to hold onto.

It begins, when Lady Talia, has been tossed around with men trying to marry her and take control of her land and the castle and village she has protected since her father's death. Talia is about to marry a vile man, who is forcing her to marry him in exchange of leaving her younger sisters alone. Right when she is about to marry a man that would make her life hell, but then a knight takes over, a Sir Alex, who has been sent on a mission by the King. Alex, is determined to take control of this holding, and the ward is he is now over...a ward who is a grown and passionate woman who stirs his blood. He knows that there a lot more going on than meets the eye, but he can't resist how she feels in his arms, and how she is the first woman that makes him fear losing his heart...

The Bride Bed was a poignant and tender romance that had me falling in love...I adored this story and the set up of the plot was very intriguing. I adore Medieval Romances, partly because its a genre that not many authors delve into, and it offers a glimpse of a time that is full of sacrifice and passion. This story is about a woman who has sacrificed everything to save her people, who has spent years living in fear and working in secret just to have food and wood for the winters. Despite the arrival of Alex, and the feeling he stirs in her, she can't stop her mission, doing everything she can to protect the people that are her family. I loved her strength and determination to be independent and stand for those she loves. Not wilting flower this one...definitely full of courage and I enjoyed seeing her true self shine through in this story. Alex, has fought in the war, and finally has been awarded for his sacrifices, and now has been granted a reward. But this small holding, is not his goal...he wants to get a bigger piece of land, and find a beautiful heiress for a wife...that is until he kisses Talia and all his intentions for his future go out the window. Alex and Talia learn in this book, the meaning of fighting for those you love and that true love isn't something you find everyday...and will have to learn to trust in that.

I adored the way that this story developed, and the plot was very deep at times, and I had such fun reading this one, and the way that this author spins a story of mystery, passion and history. A story that pulls you instantly in, characters to adore, a plot to delve into, overall a love story full of zest, desire and power of true love. AMAZING!!!
My Rating

5 Blossoms

Heat Level


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