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Book Review-Lady Elinor's Wicked Adventures by Lillian Marek

Title: Lady Elinor's Wicked Adventure
Author: Lillian Marek 
Series: Victorian Adventure's (1)
Format: E Book 
Publisheer: Sourcebooks Casablanca 
Release Date: November 4 2014 
Pages: 320 Pages 
Acquired: Netgalley
Genre: Victorian Historical Romance 

Synopsis (Goodreads)
Harry DeVaux, Viscount Tunbury, loves Lady Elinor Tremaine, but is convinced that his past makes him unworthy of her. He agrees to accompany the Tremaine family to Italy to explore Etruscan ruins, even if it chips away at his resolve to stay away from the delightful woman he loves.

Amid the sightseeing and treasure hunting, Elinor comes to realize that she wants far more from Harry than friendship, but when a dangerous discovery leaves them fighting for their lives, it might just be too late...

My Review
I received a ARC copy in exchange for a honest review, thanks to Netgalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca for the opportunity. 

I think what first drew me to the book, was this beautiful cover!! This is Lillian Marek's debut novel, and I didn't know what to expect to be honest, since this is her first book, but I had quite a adventure reading this one. Lillian Marek sure knows how to write a outstanding romance, and it was evident from the first few pages. Especially with first novels from authors, it will take me awhile to get into the story, but no way was that the case with this one. I was hooked from the start.

The story begins with seeing how comfortable Harry and Elinor are with each other. They grew up together, Harry is Elinor's brothers best friend, and Elinor unlike most other English ladies, grew up climbing trees and fishing. She is spritied, headstrong and loves adventure. She has loved Harry most of her life, Harry has been gone for four years from traveling. Elinor has yet to get married, and when he returns, she starts to realize why she can't be another man, because her heart has always belonged to Harry, she just has to convince him of that. Harry feels the same way, but instead of going out to seduce her, he steers clear away from her. His parents are scandalous and he is ashamed of his parenthood and refuses to contaminate Elinor that way. But when her mother pleads with him to accompany them on a trip to Italy, he can't refuse, even though it will be torture for him to be so close to Elinor, aching for her but won't be able to have her.

Well Elinor is the alpha male in this portion of the story, she is like a train no stopping or changing direction from what or who she really wants. Amidst the travels, Harry begins to learn that he can't resist Elinor any longer, he just has to have her and damn the consequences. It was quite fun seeing these two trying to muddle along, both loving each other, but not realizing it at all. There was so many scenes that just had me laughing out loud, and they were quite the pair. I just couldn't get enough of these two. I felt so energized while reading this one, and it had a tone to the story that just lifted me up and made me forget all the stresses of life and delve into this romance that was packed full of adventure,some villains, princes, buried treasure and intrigues of french revolutionaries...this one had it all!! Everything I was looking for and expecting...and even more! There is also a side romance, involving Elinor's brother--which was fascinating to see.

Overall this romance was well put together, the voice of the author fresh as a bundle of daisies in the spring, with heartwarming romance, sizzling passion, witty humor, and entertaining characters!! A FUN HISTORICAL RIDE!!
Favorite Quote
"Under control," he jeered. "That is no doubt why you were cowering behind the furniture."
"I wasn't cowering! And I don't see why it's any concern of yours anyway. There is no need to act as if you are my brother. You can't even bring yourself to dance with me, so I can't believe you care who I kiss."
He was going to go mad. She was impossible, infuriating.
He swore furiously, grabbed her, and pulled her into his arms. One kiss he would have at last, even if she would never speak to him again. One kiss.
He pushed his hand into her hair to hold her head and brought his mouth down fiercely on hers. One kiss to last a lifetime. For this moment at least, he would possess her. He coaxed her mouth open and slid his tongue in. He could feel her startled gasp, but he didn't care. He needed to taste her. She tasted of lemonade. For the rest of his life, lemonade would bring back this moment.
My Rating

4 Blossoms

Heat Rating



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