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Book Review-Unlaced By The Outlaw by Michelle Willingham

Title: Unlaced By The Outlaw 
Author: Michelle Willngham 
Series: Secrets In Silk 
Format: E Book 
Release Date: December 2 2014 
Publisher: Montlake Romance 
Pages: 352 Pages
Acquired: Netgalley 
Genre: Scottish Highland Historical Romance 
ISBN: 9781477826010

Synopsis (Goodreads)
A lady and an outlaw…

When strait-laced spinster Margaret Andrews tries to stop her younger sister, Amelia, from eloping with the wrong man, the last thing she expects is a coach accident. Stranded in Scotland with a dangerous Highlander, she must put aside her genteel sensibilities and learn to survive.

Cain Sinclair rescues the prim and proper Margaret, but he knows she’ll never want a man like him. As a self-proclaimed sinner, he lives his life from one day to the next. He unravels every thread of decorum she possesses, tempting her to throw away propriety. Margaret sees a man worth saving, but Cain fights her efforts to reform him. When Cain risks everything to save his brother from the hangman’s noose, Margaret must break all the rules to get him back . . . or lose him forever.

My Review
I received a ARC copy in exchange for a honest review, thanks to Netgalley and Montlake Romance. 

Unlaced By The Outlaw is the fourth book in her latest series "Secrets in Silk". Now I have read this author before, one of her viking romances, and loved it. So when I was asked to read and give a honest review for this one, I could barely contain my excitement, and I will be honest...the title really drew me. Many older romance novels that I fell in love with had similar play on words of this title, and so I was curious to see what it was like...and I found I just had so much fun with this story and really had a difficult time in putting it down.

What we have in Outlaced By The Outlaw, is a story that is hard to win but so worth the fight in the end. Cain and Margaret have always felt a connection to each other, even though their love is forbidden by society. Margaret is a daughter with connections to society, but when she ends up being put in a situation by a lord, who made who shunned by the Ton, she has gone five years without finding a husband and knows it is highly unlikely. But that same lord has kidnapped her sister to try to force her to marry him, so she then goes to the only man she knows can help...Cain Sinclair. Cain is a man that lives as he pleases, he is considered not polite company with no manners to speak of, but Margaret knows that he would help her, and that if there is any man that can track her sister down, it is Cain Sinclair. Cain is from the highlands, but when his parents died, he was responsible for raising his younger brother, Jonas. When Margaret comes to him for help, he can't turn her down, because he still loves her after all this time. And thus the adventure begins...

These two were quite the characters, and they won me over. Now Cain Sinclair, is one sexy kilted beast...He does know the art of lovemaking and seduction. But he also has quite the heart and substance, and you can't help but fall madly for him. Beneath his devil may care attitude, he cares, and is quite passionate when it comes to those he loves. Cain is honorable and loyal, who could say no to this sexy man with a sexy brogue. Margaret Andrews, was raised to marry a titled lord, not a man with no much to his name. But when Cain enters her life once more, she is given a second chance at love. Margaret is a bit self centered and selfish at times, especially with thinking that Cain isn't enough, but when you are raised a certain way, and only know what is expected of you, it isn't surprising, in fact, it seemed more realistic than you would think. But Margaret changes in this story, she starts from being selfish to a woman that reaches out for that what she wants...and that is Cain, no matter the consequences, even if it means never seeing her family ever again. I really enjoyed seeing Margaret and Cain really come together and fight for each other. This story had a very high tone of sensuality to it, that will keep you entranced by the story. This one was definitely full of a pack of adventures that leaves the reader breathless, and the way he story turns out, is what you least expect.

There were many aspects of the story that I enjoyed, but if I had to pick one of my favorites, it would be the voice of the author and how smooth the story flowed together. It had a harmonious tune to it, and it was smooth sailing, reading this story. Definitely a story I won't easily forget, a tale of forgiveness, passion and most importantly learning to fight for love....BREATHTAKING!!  
Favorite Quote
"You seduced me last night. I'm a fallen man now."
Her lips curved in a unexpected smile, and she allowed him to move in closer to unfasten the remaining buttons. "Are you suggesting that I compromised you?
"Aye. And you owe me compensation for it."
His charm was seductive in and of itself. She warmed to him, fully aware that her gown was sliding off one shoulder. "What sort of compensation were you hoping for?
"Time, lass. Years of waking up beside you."
My Rating

4.5 Blossoms

Heat Level


Series Order
Undone By The Duke (1)
Unraveled By The Rebel (2)
Undressed By The Earl  (3)
Unlaced By The Outlaw (4)

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