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The Temptations of Anna Jacobs Blog Tour, Interview and Giveaway!!!

The Temptation of Anna Jacobs
Dangerous Liasons (2)
Robyn Dehart
Love and justice…

When Drew Foster is released from prison, he doesn't much care about salvaging his soiled reputation. Though he's working undercover, everyone in Victorian London believes him guilty of the Jack the Ripper murders and that his brother paid for his "innocence."

Despite her genteel upbringing, Anna Jacobs is intent on finishing medical school and becoming a physician. Society's ridicule has never bothered her, but when her brother, the Yard's best detective, is scorned for letting Drew go, she confronts the one man who can set the record straight at a ball. She certainly doesn't count on the rogue being dashing and handsome, nor on him stealing a passionate kiss.

Anna's brazen contempt for his dangerous reputation captivates Drew, but he is harboring secrets that make him unfit to court any proper woman. As he finds himself an outsider among his colleagues at Scotland Yard, the feisty beauty offers up her medical knowledge to assist him on the case. But when the real killer returns to London to continue his reign of terror, can Anna find safety in Drew's arms?
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About The Author

National Bestselling author, Robyn DeHart's novels have appeared in the top bestselling romance and historical romance lists. Her books have been translated into nearly a dozen languages. Her historical romantic adventure series, The Legend Hunters, were not only bestsellers, but also award-winners, snagging a Reader's Crown and a Reviewer's Choice award. She had three releases in 2013 and 2014 will see four more, all set in the popular historical romance Regency and Victorian eras.
Known for her "strong dialogue and characters that leap off the page" (RT Bookclub) and her "sizzling romance" (Publishers Weekly), her books have been featured in USA Today and the Chicago Tribune. A popular writing instructor, she has given speeches at writing conferences in Los Angeles, DC, New York, Dallas, Nashville and Toronto, among many others.
When not writing, you can find Robyn hanging out with her family, husband (The Professor) a university professor of Political Science and their two ridiculously beautiful and smart daughters, Busybee and Babybee as well as two spoiled-rotten cats. They live in the hill country of Texas where its hot eight months of the year, but those big blue skies make it worth it.

 -Could you tell us 5 random things about yourself.
1. I met my husband on an online dating site
2. I'm a born and raised Texan though right after I got married, we lived in Tennessee for 4 years.
3. We adopted our girls from the foster-care system. (adoption rocks!)
4. I'm scared of heights and water critters (though I do love aquariums)
5. I would go to Walt Disney World every year if we could afford it - we're currently planning our first trip to take our girls in 2015)

-What is your favorite aspect about writing? What inspired you to write?

Probably when I'm working on a scene and things really click with my characters, that's when the magic happens and the words fly. It doesn't happen everyday, but when it does, it's awesome. I've really always been a writer, always wanted to write. I guess the stories were just always in me. 
- Tell us a bit about Temptations of Anna Jacobs

 Well, it's the second book in my Dangerous Liaisons series, an historical romantic suspense series about Jack the Ripper. In this sequel, Drew (younger brother to the hero from book one) has been recently arrested under suspension of being the famed killer. He begins working undercover for Scotland Yard to try and find the killer and ends up working with the heroine, Anna, who is a medical student. 
-Do you have a favorite character? Tell us about him/her

I love both of them, for different reasons. But Drew is pretty special. He's a recovering addict and he was a challenging character to write. But his love for Anna is so pure and sweet and she really brings light back into his life. 
-What made you decide on writing Historical Romance? and why?

 When I first started reading romance, historical romance is where I started. I fell in love with it and have always had a penchant for history, especially English history. It was a natural fit for me. 
-What is the easiest and/or hardest part about writing?

I don't think there's anything easy about writing, but I suppose the part that I don't struggle that much with is dialogue. That's where the story comes alive for me, it's the first thing I write and I can usually get something going with dialogue if I'm stuck. The hardest part? Knowing that something's not right/not working and not knowing how to fix it. This is especially difficult with characters, if a character isn't coming clear to me, then the writing is very difficult. 
Do you have a favorite genre to read for fun?

I read several genres, but my favorites are historical romance and romantic suspense - any wonder why I merged the two for this series. :-) 
-Do you have a specific spot you like to write? or is it anytime, anywhere?

Somewhere quiet is always my first preference, but not always easy with two young children. 
-If you could travel to any time, which would it be and why?

As much as I love history, I'm practical enough that I know I would not have done well living without indoor plumbing. But if I could go somewhere just to visit it and then come right back for modern conveniences, I suppose I would have liked to have seen the late Victorian era - all the industrialization and inventions. It was a really cool time with so much potential. 
-Do you have any favorite books or author you love to read from?

I have my go-to authors when I want to fall into a story I know I will love. I love Suzanne Enoch, JD Robb, Teresa Medeiros and Jim Butcher. 

Thanks for stopping by Robyn Dehart, it was great getting to know more about yourself!! 

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