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Top Ten Tuesday (27) Top Ten Characters That I Adore (Historical Romance Edition)

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Top Ten Characters That I Adore 

1. James Malory
  This was one of the first books I read from this author, and one of the first romances. I fell in love with James Malory from the get go. He is everything you wish for in a alpha hero. Possessive, Handsome, Sensual, and sexy from head to toe. He is a English lord but a pirate too--what more could you ask for right? He is rebellious and does things his own way with no fear of the consequences. And oh boy the way he goes about getting Georgina to marry him---top quality of a male specimen.

2. Helena Laverick 
 Helena is a favorite heroine of mine. Even though she suffers from a limp, she doesn't let that stop her from going after those that she loves. She is courageous, strong willed, stubborn and feisty and I just loved seeing her character grow in this story.

3. Sebastian St. Vincent
 Sebastian is the kind of hero that you aren't sure if you will like at first, but he becomes a favorite before you finish the second chapter. Sebastian is a very unique hero. On the surface he seems cold and unfeeling, but we see that there is so much more to Sebastian than meets the eye. From beginning to the end we see Sebastian change from cold and unfeeling, to passionate and protective.

4. Tor Macleod
 Tor is a delicious alpha male with s sexy brogue, kilt, and knows how to handle his sword. He the leader of a elite Scottish fighting force. Tor is one of the those heroes that you fall in love with from the beginning. I love the way that his character is shaped in this story, and I couldn't think of a better way to begin this series. One of the best highlander romances I have ever read. Its steeped in history, vivid detail and Tor is the type of hero you want to keep by your bedside forever.  
5. Gideon Horn
Gideon Horn is a pirate, and one super sexy one at that. This is one of my favorite pirate romances, and Gideon is a delicious hero that makes your mouth water and your heart skip a beat. I can read this book over and over and never be bored. And Gideon is the center of the story. Seductive, sensual and has a commanding presence.

6. Regina Tremaine
 Regina is the type of heroine you just cheer on for the whole story. I loved her as the heroine in this book. She has some strengths and some vulnerabilities that I found balanced the story out. I really loved her inner strength, and how she doesn't back down from what she believes in. She has a passionate and protective nature even and I loved the way she comes together with the hero, one of the most romantic stories I have had the pleasure of reading.

7. Cordelia McQueen 
 Cordelia Mcqueen at the beginning of the story is afraid of her own shadow and considering how she was raised, its understandable. But from the moment she marries Dallas, you see her as a character change, and become a independent and a fighter and I loved her tenacity and courage.

8.James Sidwell
James Sidwell is on a mission to save his aunt from a blackmailer which he suspects is her companion, so he poses as a estate manager. James was such a endearing character, and I loved him despite his roguish ways, and the numerous ways he made me laugh, or the way completely makes you fall in love with him.

9. Valentine Corbett
 Valentine, is a original type of hero. This is probably one of my favorite books, and Valentine is mouthwatering. A rake and one that is irresistible. I loved his personality and how he pulled me into the story.

10. Aislinn of Darkenwald
Aislinn, even though faced against bad odds, has such a beautiful strength to her character. I love how even though she is surrounded by her enemies, that she still manages to hold firm to her character. I really loved how she stands up for herself and even this book is full of conflict

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