Monday, January 5, 2015

Quote Tastic (29) Not Showerng Alone

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My Candidate For The Week

"Take off your clothes." His voice was huskier than he'd intended. 
She blinked up at him, her lashes casting shadows over her cheeks. 
"Take off your clothes." 
"Right now?" she squeaked. 
His brow furrowed. "Do you normally shower with them on?" 
"No, but I normally shower alone." 
"Not today." 
“I've traveled all over the world for the Institute, but I never dreamed I'd meet someone like you." 
 A chuckle escaped her. "Yes." 
 "Of course."
 "Sharp of wit and skilled with a sword?" 
 "Absolutely." An other chuckle. "But I mean a man… friend… guy. Oh, I don't know what to call you!" He savored her amusement—and her earnest words. "Just call me yours. That is all I want to be."

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