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Book Review-Till Dawn With The Devil by Alexandra Hawkins

Title: Till Dawn With The Devil 
Author: Alexander Hawkins 
Series: Lords of Vice 
Format: Paperback 
Release Date: August 3 2010 
Publisher: St. Martins Paperbacks 
Pages: 305 Pages 
Genre: Historical Romance 
ISBN: 978-0-312-38125-7
Where To Find: 

Few women can resist a man like Gabriel “Reign” Housely, the Earl of Rainecourt. With divine good looks, delectable charms, and delicious wealth, he would seem to be every marriage-minded mother’s dream match for their daughters. But not so, given the mysterious death of his first wife. Fortunately for Gabriel, he has no plans to seriously court any of the London ladies ever again. That is, until he shares one unforgettable dance with a mysterious stranger…

Exquisitely beautiful though decidedly modest, Lady Sophia usually shuns the festive ballrooms of London society. But when a man who calls himself “Reign” enters her life—seemingly from out of nowhere—and shows her true kindness, her wary young heart begins to melt. Of course, Sophia would be shocked to learn the truth about Reign’s past. But when scandal strikes, this devilish stranger may be her only salvation…

My Review

Reign Housely, is a man of charm and wealth, and he enjoys the pleasures of London, but there is a scandal attached to his name. Reign once fell in love with his first wife, who broke his heart, betrayed him, and was killed in a accident, but the Ton believes him to be involved somehow. Lady Sophia, is beautiful, and has finally been able to make it to London, despite the protests from her brothers. Sophia suffered from a accident as a child, when her parents were killed, and has suffered from partial blindness, and blurred vision. While at a ballroom, she meets Reign, who treats her differently than others with her certain struggles. He treats her as a real human being, and shows her kindness and desire. But when they are involved in a scandal ,they marry, but Reign may be the key to saving Sophia from a horrible fate.

Till Dawn With The Devil is a wildly entertaining read that sucked me into the story from the first page. Not many authors can pull me in like Alexandra Hawkins. This is a newer author for me, and when I read the first book in the series a few months ago, I fell in love with her writing. Her style is very compelling and endearing, and you can’t help but admire the sizzling chemistry she implements in her stories.

In Till Dawn With The Devil, the second book of Lords Of Vice, we have Reign’s story. This story encompasses a variety of issues. In the beginning of the story, we see how strong our heroine is. She is beautiful and passionate, and stubborn, she is determined to make her own way and fight her battles. She isn’t afraid of what others think of her, especially Reign. Reign is addicted to Sophia, he can’t resist her, and for the first time since his first wife’s betrayal, he feels desire and can’t stay away from her. I loved how these two came together, and their story was sweet and romantic, and such a lovely story of true love and how one night of desire and passion can change your life forever.
I found that Till Dawn With The Devil a stunning romance set in the regency period, a time of balls and parties, of scandal and formal parties, of a love found in a ballroom…a tale of intrigue and mystery, a romance that is sexy and smart….EXCEPTIONAL!!!

My Rating

5 Blossoms

Heat Level


Series Order
All Night With A Rogue (1)
Till Dawn With The Devil (2)
After Dark With A Scoundrel (3)
Sunrise With A Notorious Lord (4)
All Afternoon with a Scandalous Marquess (5)
Dusk with a Dangerous Duke (6)
Twilight with the Infamous Earl (7)


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