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Book Review-Bedding Lord Ned

Bedding Lord Ned
Duchess Of Love (1)
Sally Mackenzie
Zebra/ Kensington Publishing
Mass Market Paperback
Published June 2012
325 Pages
Regency Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-1-4201-2321-0
Author's Website
Pleasure Is On Her Dance Card

Determined to find a husband, Miss Eleanor "Ellie" Bowman attends a ball put on by the Duchess of Greycliffe, fondly referred to as the Duchess of Love. But she roundly dismisses the suitors the matchmaking hostess has invited on her behalf. For it's the duchess' dashing son, Ned, Lord Edward, who long ago captured Ellie's heart—and roused her desire. All it takes is a pair of conveniently misplaced silky red bloomers to set the handsome widower's gaze on this unusual girl who is clearly more than meets the eye.

After four years of mourning, Ned must find a wife. At first glance, the birthday ball his mother has thrown in his honor is decidedly lacking in suitable mistresses. But he senses something unexpectedly alluring beneath the veil of Ellie's plain exterior—and suddenly she's invading his dreams in a decidedly scandalous manner.
My Review
It has been four years since Ned lost his wife, and he loved her and still at times mourns her loss when she died at childbirth. Ned knows that it is up to him to marry again. Ellie is 26 years old and is still single and has yet to find a husband. Ellie has always been in love with Ned since she was a girl, he was the only one that never knew. Ellie has known the Greycliffe's all of her life. She was raised alongside the Duchesses boys, especially Ned. She knows that Ned just sees her as a friend and a sister, not someone to love and marry and share a bed with. Ellie knows that it will be up to her to turn the tide where Ned is concerned. When she is invited to a house party that Ned's mother is hosting, she starts to realize that this is her chance. Only seducing Ned is harder than she thought, she doesn't want to scare him off but at the same time doesn't want to lose him. Ellie will have to use anything at her disposal to weaken his defenses and show him what true love is all about.

My Thoughts 
I have heard some good and some average things about this series, but I really wanted to give it a shot. Bedding Lord Ned is the first in the series and I have to say I am excited to read the second one now. There were so many things that I enjoyed about this story. It definitely was different and unique and had its own style and even though at times it was a bit predictable, there was enough delights and surprises that made up for it. I wouldn't say that this is my favorite romance by any means, but it was full of hilarious moments and scandalously entertaining. I really liked the characters in the story. Ned is very protective of his feelings and his heart, its like a iron shield and doesn't let anything or anyone in. I found him to be a bit arrogant yet so appealing to my senses. Ellie, I eventually liked when she got spine in the end, but for most of the book, we see how much she cares for Ned but refuses to do anything about it. I wished that she would have been more forward and blunt with him at times, it got annoying a little, but she did have some other qualities that I liked and made up for it in the end. Ned's parents were so fun and delightful and I just can't wait to read their novella, which is up next to read. I have to say that the Mother's interfering ways in getting Ned and Ellie together were beyond amusing and she was very confident and I found that I just loved her from the first. I do want to say something about the Duchess's Cat, who was probably my favorite. Now this cat is not normal, he tends to steal items from guests constantly and no one has any idea how. The only complaint I had is I wish that the romance between Ned and Ellie was a bit more fast paced than it was, but overall a fun and sexy read.  Bedding Lord Ned is full of a sexy writing style that completely captures the readers attention and doesn't let go until the end. A Lovely story that warmed my heart and stirred up the senses in such a way that it will take your breath away. RECOMMEND IT!!!

First Line 
Miss Eleanor Bowman stood in the Duchess of Love's pink guest bedroom and stared at the scrap of red silk spilling out of her valise, her heart stuttering in horror.

Favorite Quote 
My heart aches for you, but another part of me does, too." She turned to face him. "Its very hot and w-wet and needy."
"Please , Ned? I'll beg if I have to."
That did it. He was across the room in one stride. "Ellie," he said. He looked--he sounded--like he was in pain. And then his mouth came down on hers. 

My Grade 
4 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

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