Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Book Review-Desperado

Sandra Hill
Love Spell,
391 Pages,
Published March 1997
Time Travel/ American West
ISBN: 0-505-52182-2
Major Helen Prescott had always played by the rules. That was why Rafe Santiago had nicknamed her "Prissy" at the military academy years before. Rafe's teasing had made her life miserable back then, and, with his irresistible good looks, he was the man responsible for her one momentary lapse of self-control. So when a stint in the National Guard brought him under her command, Helen laid down the law -- she would stand for no macho moves or bedroom looks in HER platoon. But then a routine sky dive went awry, and all bets were off as they parachuted straight into the 1850 California Gold Rush.

Mistaken for a notorious bandit and his infamously sensuous mistress, they found themselves on the wrong side of the law. In a time and place where rules had no meaning, Helen found Rafe's hard, bronzed body strangely comforting, and his piercing blue eyes left her all too willing to share his bedroll. Suddenly, his teasing remarks made her feel all woman, and she was ready to throw caution to the wind if she could spend every night in the arms of her very own... Desperado.

My Review:
Helen Prescott is a Major of the US military, she grew up 'army brat' style, moving from place to place, since her mother at died of cancer when she was eight. Helen is one of those women that follows after her father, and doesn't let anyone see the gentle and caring side of her. Most people only see the strict hard-ass that she has had to portray as a office of the Military.  Then comes strolling in is Rafe Santiago, who has always had a thing for Helen since he fell for her in College. When he see's her again, his blood starts pumping and he wants her even more. They go on a op together, where they are Parachuting, and then right when she is about to jump he jumps with her grabbing onto her. Of course Helen is furious, tossing at him army regulations, but they then realize that they have been taken back in time to the American West. At first Rafe thinks its some Army joke and not real, but after some time they realize how real it really is. Because they are then discovered by bandits, who see them as 'wanted killers' and thus begins their adventure with danger, gun slingers, gold digging, and a heated desire that they rekindle.

I think I fall in love with each of Sandra Hill's novels, and this was is no different. It has a very intriguing plot and I love reading Time travel romances. But there were times especially at the beginning that I had a hard time getting into it. There is such antaganism between them both, its like a cat and dog fight but over and over again. You have Helen who is such a tough woman, and especially at first, lectures Rafe time and time again on army regulations and doesn't believe that they have been swept back in time. Rafe is one of those males that loves to tease and have fun for the most part, especially shows that side of himself to Helen. I found myself loving Rafe at the beginning way more than Helen, I felt like I wanted to tell her to 'lighten up', but then she does eventually and thats when I started falling in love with the characters and really getting into the story. I definitely loved the sparks of desire that builds up between Rafe and Helen. Once I got into the book, it flowed smoothly for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My Grade On This Book:
4 Blossoms

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