Monday, May 17, 2010

Book Review-Truly, Madly Viking

Truly, Madly Viking(Viking II Series)
Sandra Hill
Love Spell, 389 Pages, Published July 2000
Time Travel Romance
ISBN: 0-505-52387-6

His boat off-course, distracted by a randy she-whale whose infatuation had somehow thrust him into the twenty-first century, Jorund Ericsson had cause to question his surroundings. And though the befuddled Viking thought hed found heaven when he caught sight of the comely wench with the man-hair and the kiss-some lips, the lovely doctor simply thought him crazy. And Jorund realized the only thing that had driven him to the edge was her enticing figure.

He skyrocketed from the water and into Maggie's life: all sinewy muscles in a flawlessly proportioned body, a swath of long blond hair swept back from his brow. His claim to be a Viking from the tenth century made her smile. But it wasnt laughter that caused her stomach to flutter when the Hercules look-alike claimed her lips. And soon he had her believing his story, though questioning her own sanity. Then the psychologist realized there was another possibility: Neither of them was truly mad of them were truly, madly in love.

My Review:
998 A.D. Jorund Ericsson, is traveling on his longship with his brother, when they find they are off course. Then before he knows it he is in the mouth of a whale, who takes him to the twenty first century. At first Jorund insists that he must return home, but then the orca throws him on the beach in Texas, where a orca show is showing with women and children. There who see a tall, virile naked viking with women and children gaping at him. He is then arrested and put in a mental hospital. His doctor, is Maggie McBride. Maggie has two twin daughters, whom she loves dearly. Abandoned by their father who didn't want responsibilities, but then later died in one of his risk taking risks. She takes her daughters to a orca show, which they love to see. When a naked man comes out of the water, and her heart skips a beat. For she has never seen such a beautiful specimen in her life. Her daughters however, believe he is to be their father. Maggie ends up being his psychiatrist. Maggie believes that he just needs time to come to terms with the fact that he isn't a viking who has traveled through time. Since she knows it is impossible, isnt it? Her resolve weakens however at their first kiss. Her senses go on alert, for she knows she has never felt anything like what she feels with Jorund. Jorund knows he just has to abide his time in this crazy mad house until he can be released so he can find that crazy orca that brought him to this time. He knows he needs to return to his brother and father. Then out of the blue Jorund disappears for three weeks, and Maggie despite herself is worried sick. After searching upon searching for three weeks he comes to Maggie's home. Maggie at first is shocked to see him, but joyous as well. As they celebrate both Thanksgiving and Christmas together, both Maggie and Jorund's bond  to one another strengthens, as well as Jorund's relationship with her twin daughter, who have similiar resemblance to his twin daughter that were killed. Jorund knows he has to return to his own time, despite the fact that he knows how much he has fallen in love with Maggie and her daughters. He has a responsibility and duty to his family, although he desperately wishes that he doesn't. He aches to stay here in the twenty first century with the love of his life. But what will he decide to do stay with his love? Or travel back in time for his duty?

I have had such a adventure reading another well written one by Sandra Hill. I love reading Time Travel romance, especially with Hill at the helm. Especially at first, I laughed so much and so hard, it sure had its moments. I love how this strong warrior Viking has been taken forward in time, to end up in a mental hospital. It will definitely make you laugh, but there is also a great story line, with intense passion that builds between both Jorund and Maggie. A passion that neither one of them has ever felt before and can't deny, not even to themselves. I also loved how a father-daughter relationship was put in with Maggie's daughters. Whom I am sure you will fall in love with as much as I have. They have such sweet personalities that will pull strings on your heart. I definitely loved reading this one, it was truly a genuine time travel romance that I could re read!! Another win for Sandra Hill!!!

My Grade For This Book:
5 Blossoms

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  1. Great review. I glad I working on getting this series together, they sound fun.

  2. I love the sound of this book and I really enjoyed reading your review. I'm defiantly going to have to add this to my wishlist! I also love the cover-and anything else that contains abs lol.

  3. Laurie- Thanks, it is a fun series to read, and lots of laughs!!
    Morgan- Thanks, the cover is great, abs on men are so damn sexy!!! Sandra Hill's covers are the best!!!

  4. Hey, how come I missed this author entirely? I so need to check this one out! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!



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