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Book Review-Shadow Crossing

Shadow Crossing
Shadower (4)
Catherine Spangler
Love Spell,
351 Pages,
Published April 2003
Futuristic Romance
ISBN: 0-505-52524-0

Celie Cameron spent her youth as a smuggler, skirting the law. But though she's given that up, she misses the adrenaline rush of danger. Then a routine delivery goes haywire, throwing her into the arms of a handsome pilot--an android, or so she thinks--and Celie suddenly finds herself embroiled in a galaxy-spanning intrigue and deception. Rurick is a miracle creation. But though he attracts her as no human ever has, his secrets threaten all Celie has ever believed. She resists his allure...until she learns to trust her heart. Then they will challenge the evil that threatens the Verante quadrant, and love will bring light to the dark expanse of space known as Shadow Crossing.

My Review:
Shadow Crossing is the fourth in the Shielder Series. I was delighted to read this one, since I have been looking forward to reading Celie's story. Celie Cameron grew up being a smuggler along side with her sister to survive, and skirting the law very frequently. Always on guard and looking over her shoulder. After finding a haven in Shamara and the new quadrant she finds life very....boring! She misses the excitement in her life that no longer exists. When she heads to her designated location to deliver some cargo, she finds her niece hiding, looking for adventure. Raven reminds Celie so much like herself, and knows that this delivery is important, so instead of returning Raven, she allows her to come along. However, when they arrive on the planet, and meet Max and his android Rurik. When they are suddenly attacked, Max and Rurik take the girls and escape on their ship. Rurik is portraying himself as a android as protection, since he really is a Prince of Jardonia. Max is really his android, and they switch places whenever they have to travel. However when Celie find out, she is beside herself. Both Celie and Rurik have a connection, a sensual one where sparks fly. Celie didn't know how that was possible him being a android. However when she learns of who he really is, she doesn't know where to turn.Thus continues a journey of two souls that were drawn together by danger, but will end in search for love.

I really enjoyed this one, it had a sense of mystery and intrigue behind it, that thrilled me throughout all of it. It kept me at the edge of my seat, biting my nails, wondering what was going to happen next to get my heart pounding. It was one of those where at first, it seems like everything is going well, until one things happens after another, and you are submerged in a dangerous plot that you don't know how to make it out alive and in one piece. Celie is a strong young woman, who has a criminal past and has done some acts she is ashamed of, an act that not even her sister knows about and has kept it secret. So even though she finds herself falling in love with this charming stranger, knowing all the while that they can never have a true future together, yet how can one woman resist such a man that sets her pulses racing? Rurik wants to get to the bottom of the problems that are being created within the sector, and plans on insisting that Celie come along with him. Rurik finds himself entranced by Celie and falling heads over heels in love with her. However in the middle of this book it flowed more slowly and I had a hard time getting through some parts, but as a whole it was a well written and enticing read!!!!

My Grade On This Book:
4 Blossoms

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