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Book Review- Shadow Fires

Shadow Fires
Catherine Spangler
Love Spell,
326 Pages,
Published  February 2004
Futuristic Romance
ISBN: 0-505-52525-9

Jenna dan Aron lived a solitary existence, shunned by her people because she could see the future. She even foresaw her own destiny: to be a human offering, a mate for a savage Leor warlord. When two Shielder colonies had to be rescued and the Leors who were their only hope demanded a bride for their leader in return, Jenna stepped forward. She would not defy fate.

Anion of Saura found mating outside his race abhorrent, but he had no choice, as his kind faced extinction. His life was ruled by hard logic and physical prowess, with no room for softness or emotion. Bound to him, Jenna faced a life of barbarism with a mate who seemed more beast than man. But in the relentless heat of the wild Sauran desert, Jenna and Anion would wage a battle of wills until they discovered that the heart was mightier than any weapon -- and that love would forge shadow and fire together.

My Review:
The moment that I read the book description I knew that I would really love reading Shadow Fires. It starts with Jenna dan Aron has always been able to have visions of the future. For this precious gift, she has been shunned by her people, even the Shielders. She has a vision four years previous that she is to become a mate of a powerful  Leor Warlord. She knows that it is her destiny. Arion of Saura knows he must find a mate, a human one so that his people can prosper. Since their numbers are becoming low. He comes to Jarek to see if there is a willing woman to be traded as his mate. Jenna volunteers knowing that no matter how much she fears this man, she knows he is to be her future mate. At first Jenna is fearful of the powerful Leor, who is known as a brutal race. At first he is in command, expecting her obedience in all things, He soon finds out that human females are far different than Leor female. He expects her to be weak and not be able to handle the kind of lifestyle he knows she must accustom herself through. But cycle after cycle (a day) he is more drawn to this courageous female who stands up to him, despite her apprehension of him. Jenna is at first afraid of this Leor, but knowing he will never raise a hand to her, she learns to start in trusting in his promises and in his honor. Of course she is fearful of strength and abilities, but Jenna despite fears, finds herself forcing herself to stand up to him, and finding a inner strength within herself that she didn't know she had. Thus starts two determined souls trying to find a common ground with one another despite all their different beliefs and ways.

Shadow Fires, was a astounding read, and I was amazed at how well I really enjoyed this one. I was drawn to both Jenna and Arion, who are totally exact opposites but somehow find a way to work things out, and compromise and discover a hidden love that will strengthen them to the end. The sensual passion builds between the two until they mate, which climaxes into wave after wave of a eclipsing desire. Arion of course is a strong willed, used to battle and being in command and being obeyed in all things, definitely all the way Alpha Male. Then he finds himself mated with the one that is the only one that argues and defies him and his barbaric way constantly. Despite all his hardened discipline he finds himself softening toward Jenna, that endeared me to this character completely. Jenna, is a heroine that everyone can fall in love with. She has compassion, courage, inner strength and proving herself constantly in a place where many don't welcome her. But in the end she does find she has many friends, ones who will support her no matter the circumstance. She finally finds a place where she can call "home" after never having one. This book is filled with passion, intriguing scenarios, adventure, danger, and a powerful love that was so emotionally sweeping it will bring a tear to your eye. It is a emotional journey that will take you across the galaxy, and endear you to these character to last lifetimes. I encourage anyone that enjoys a good tearful and emotional romance, to read this series, it has been a pure delight.

My Grade On This Book:
5 Blossoms  

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