Thursday, May 6, 2010

Book Review- Shadow Game

Shadow Game
Ghostwalker Series 
Christine Feehan
Berkley Publishing,
323 Pages,
Published Sep 2003
Paranormal Romance
Readers are plunged into the darkest recesses of the mind as a man and a woman discover the terrifying power -- and the forbidden passion -- that could destroy them both...

The classified experiment is the brainchild of renowned scientist Peter Whitney and his brilliant daughter, Lily. Created to enhance the psychic abilities of an elite squadron, it can transform their natural mental powers into a unique military weapon. But something has gone wrong. In the isolated underground labs, the men have been dying -- victims of bizarre accidents. Captain Ryland Miller knows he is next. When Dr. Whitney himself is murdered, Ryland has only one person left to trust: the beautiful Lily. Possessed of an uncanny sixth sense herself, Lily shares Reyland's every new fear, every betrayal, every growing suspicion, and every passionate beat of the heart. Together, they will be drawn deeper into the labyrinth of her father's past ... and closer to a secret that someone would kill to keep hidden.

My Review:
I have very few complaint about Christine Feehan, and I have fallen in love with the 'Ghostwalker Series', this is the second time that I have read Shadow Game and it was good to read this one again, and I plan on reading the rest of the series. This is the first book in the Ghostwalker Series, with Cpt. Ryland Miller and Lily Whitney has the main characters. Lily has grown up with mental abilities and is a anchor and is able to help others that have issues controlling their mental powers. Her father Peter Whitney brings her on to his latest project. Peter Whitney brought in a group of men that were in the Special Op's division of the military, the best of the best literally. Peter manipulated their minds so that they had mental abilities, and put them in cages in a secured location. The moment that Ryland and Lily meet, the ground shifts and there is a instant connection between them. Ryland is amazed, because the moment Lily enters the room, all the pain in his head disappears, and he is able to concentrate clearly and efficiently. Ryland and Lily have a strong connected to each other, and are able to communicate mentally, and Ryland is desperate to get his men out of their prison and be free once more. Ryland is losing one of his men slowly one at a time, and knows that he and his men must escape as soon as possible, or they will all be dead. After Peter Whitney is killed, Lily although grief stricken, finds some truths about her father and her childhood that haunts her. However, despite all that she is suffering, she manages to help Ryland and his team escape, and transfer them to her house. One of his men Jeff, is injured, and she slowly helps him recover. Together as Ryland and Lily work toward the mysterious of Lily's past, the passion and the connection them becomes stronger and deeper than ever.
This is a exciting adventure with twists and turns of intrigue and sizziling passions and intense suspense that keep you on the edge of your seat. Definitely a page turner, and the characters both main and minor characters, thoroughly charm its readers. I found myself being drawn to both Ryland and Lily, who are both strong characters and have powerful abilities, and are able to work together to discover the mysteries of Peter Whitney. Although Ryland hates the man, he fells what Lily feels and is able to help her in her grieving for her father whom she loved. Lily however discovers a powerful secret about her childhood. Lily and other young girls had natural mental abilities, which Peter Whitney forced them to use and hurt themselves in the process. It wasn't until Lily hurt her leg in a accident, that Peter Whitney finally faced himself and he found the other girl's homes and raised Lily as his own. This is a deep and emotional story that will tear your heart asunder but will endear you to the story and its captivating characters. This is definitely a read you don't want to miss out on!  

My Grade On This Book
5 Blossoms  

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