Friday, October 31, 2014

Blog Ahead Challenge

A bloggery version of NaNoWriMo!
November 1-30th, 2014

The Goal
The basic goal is to get "ahead" in your blog posts.

At the end of the month of Nov you'll have 30 additional pre-schedules than when you started the month. 
ex--If you Start with 5 pre schedules--End with 35 pre schedules
     Start with 10 pre schedules-- End with 40 pre schedules

Who Can Join
Any blogger. New, seasoned, Blogger, Wordpress
Any heat level, genre or theme, etc
Types of Posts
Anything you want :)
meme, review, guest post, interview, discussion, etc. 
It doesn't have to be book related
Goals for Addicted To Romance:
By the end of November to have 35 pre scheduled posts, by doing 5 extra every week. Love this idea and definitely motivates me to be planning ahead more instead of procrastinating. 

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