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Book Review-Not Quite A Gentleman by Jacquie D'Alessander

Title: Not Quite A Gentleman 
Author: Jacquie D'Alessandro 
Series: Regency (3)
Format: Paperback 
Publisher:  Avon 
Release Date: August 30 2005
Pages: 360 Pages 
Acquired Library Borrowed 
Genre: Regency Historical Romance 
ISBN: 978-0-06-077938

Synopsis (Goodreads)
Nathan Oliver, younger son of an earl, is content being a country doctor. Years ago he had worked for the Crown, but when a spy mission went awry, he left London for a simpler life. Now his world is turned upside down with the arrival of Lady Victoria Wexhall, a pampered Society miss more suited for the ballrooms of London than the quiet countryside of Cornwall.

Victoria cannot believe her father would send her to the middle of nowhere, and just when the the Season was in full swing! And with Nathan Oliver, no less! Of course, he's dashing and more interesting than the fops she's acquainted with in Town, and it would be so easy to fall in love with him. But why does he insist on searching through her luggage in the middle of the night? And why does he insist their lives are in danger?

My Review
Jacquie D'Allesandro is a author that I have been reading since I first became hooked on romance. Whenever I see her name, I always think of her fondly, because her books are always fun and full of
adventure and unique plots that you don't see right away. I haven't had the chance to read her a ton though, but Not Quite A Gentleman has been on my TBR pile for quite some time and so I decided that I would try to bring that pile a inch or two lower by picking this one up from the shelves. I am very glad that I did.

This story is one that involves a ex spy doctor who tends to collect animals wherever he goes. His match in every way: the ever proud Lady Victoria Wexhall. Victoria first meets Nathan, when he steals a kiss that changes her life, but never to see him again. Now its been three years, and their lives are much different. Nathan is no longer a spy working for her father, he has been "forced" to resign over something that wasn't his fault, but was accused anyway...not he is a country doctor, content with his life. Until he learns that Victoria's life is in danger, and only Nathan can protect her, and seeing her again might lead him back into a life of redemption. There are some missing jewels, that he lost by a unknown enemy, three years ago, jewels that belong to the Crown. His mission now: Protect Victoria and find those missing jewels, believed to be in the area. So Victoria and Nathan join forces, and a passion erupts between them. Neither Nathan or Victoria really want to be attracted to each other...but each time they kiss...its like magic and they can't resist how the fireworks that seem to erupt when they are near each other.

I love historical espionage romances...they are so fun to read at times..especially when one is in the mood for them. Which at the time I was reading this, I was in the mood for it. I was hoping that this would be a story to remember...and it certainly was. There was many things that I enjoyed about this story, but there was a couple of things I did have some issues with. The flow of the story...I wish it was as smooth as whipped cream, but I am sorry to say it wasn't like that. I had a hard time sometimes keeping up with the story. After I finished the book, it seemed like overall, it didn't have a smooth flow of story line that I am used to, so it tended to be a bit rough around the edges but I found the story itself to be enchanting. The plot was evenly paced, I didn't feel like it was too slow going, or too quickly moving...just right. It was a perfect read for a nice crisp fall morning.  I really enjoyed the sensual encounters between Nathan and Victoria...much more erotic than I would expect...but they were playful too. It was interesting seeing these two learn each other both physically and emotionally....seeing them really build up a relationship, and what a romance this turned out to be. Phenomenal in every way.

The characters themselves...were just fantastic, I had no issues with either of them. In fact, I liked them both really well.  Another problem I had with the book, was I wasn't able to connect with the characters fully in the way I enjoy doing most of the time. They were both really well developed and they had fun interactions...but I guess I couldn't connect with them 100% and that detracted enjoyment I would normally get. However saying that...I want to say I really loved both Nathan and Victoria. Nathan...well he is the type of hero to make you whimper....I loved him!! He is such a would never see a ex spy and practical doctor being so sentimental at times...and I loved the way he wooed Victoria. It was endearing and I just wished I could trade places with the heroine so I could experience a bit of courting, that was so romantic...I wanted to cry in envy. Now onto is a good match for Nathan. She doesn't hold anything back and I really liked that quality about her. She is very upfront and loyal and I really felt I could admire her. The only thing I would change is wishing that she would fight for Nathan a bit more...I don't want to spoil the story, but I do wish she had been a bit more challenging in that regard.

Overall I found Not Quite a Gentleman to be a story of redemption, spicy romance, throw in some suspense and mystery....and you have a delightful love story that is bound to give you tingles and a smile on your face!! ORIGINAL AND EXCITING!!

Favorite Quote
Nathan moved slowly toward her, like a jungle cat stalking his prey. Surprise flashed in Victoria's eyes, then she drew herself up and raised her chin another notch, meeting his gaze unflinchingly. If Nathan had not been so irritated with her, he would have admired her pluck. She might be a thorn in his side, but she wasn't a coward.
"You'll never find it," She insisted. "It's hidden in a place where you will never locate it,"
Nathan allowed his gaze to wander slowly down, then up her form. When his eyes once again met hers, he said softly, "You're wearing it. The question is, is it tucked into one of your garters, or" --he glanced down at the swell of creamy skin rising from her bronze bodice--- "nestled between your breasts?"
"You'll not bully me into giving you the note," she said, her voice not displaying the slightest tremor.
Nathan planted a hand on each wall, bracketing her in. "I've never had to bully a woman into giving me what I want, Lady Victoria."
My Rating

4 Blossoms

Heat Rating


Series Order
Who Will Take This Man?
 Love And The Single Heiress 
Never A Lady

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