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Book Review-Why Earls Fall In Love by Manda Collins

Why Earls Fall In Love
Wicked Widows (2)
Manda Collins
St. Martins Paperbacks
Published February 2014
320 Pages
Acquired: Library
Regency Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-1-250-02384-1
Authors Website 
Society often makes strange bedfellows—and even more surprising betrothals...


Young widowed Georgina Mowbray is settling into her role as Lady Russell’s companion quite well—until the lady’s nephew Dominic, the Earl of Coniston, arrives in Bath for a visit. Georgie’s always found him shallow and too smooth, and trusts him as much as she trusts most men…which is to say, not at all. But Con turns out to be more intriguing than she remembers—and completely irresistible...


Pretty, practical Georgie is nothing like the women Con usually woos—especially since she seems blind to his charms. But his elderly aunt is so fond of her that Con is determined at least to be sociable…with the occasional flirtation thrown in just for fun. But things take a serious turn when a dangerous figure from Georgie’s unhappy past appears and threatens to bring her harm. Con will do whatever it takes to keep Georgie safe. And if he can show her that all men are not menaces, he might be able to keep her in his arms and never let go…
My Review 

I finished this book quite some time ago, but was behind on reviewing here it goes. Hopefully I can recall everything I enjoyed about this one. I have come to adore Manda Collins, and the books I have read so far have been exactly what I love about historical romance. In Why Earls Fall In love we have the heroine, Georgina Mowbray, a widow, and is a companion to a Lady Russel. Her marriage wasn't anything to dream about, her husband didn't treat her well at all. She loves Lady Russell as family, and loves her job. Then her nephew, Dominic, comes in, and suddenly there is a strong attraction instantly, but Georgie doesn't trust men at all. Con has a ways to do to show Georgie of his genuine affections. But  when a threat creeps up on Georgie from her past, Con is determined to protect her and get to the bottom of it. But amidst the danger, can he show Georgie that not all men are scoundrels...but that he loves her and will do anything to keep her!

Why Earls Fall In Love is the second book in the series, and what a wonderful addition it is. I really adored everything about this book. It does start out a bit slow, but it does pick up pace pretty well, and then I was hooked on it. I really love Manda Collins, she has such a way with her writing, and I loved seeing what a sweet romance this one turned out to be. It does have quite a bit of mystery and intrigue added to the plot here, but there is quite a bit of focus on the romance and love story, and it was quite fun seeing these two work together and giving off sparks all the while. What was fun about this story was how every aspect seemed to fit together, and the flow was really smooth, and the danger mixed in with the romance...was purely delightful. I love how this story was well balanced, and didn't give off too strong on any one element, that it was blended well story and seemed to really satisfy me that made me just want to read more from this author.

I found the characters to be delightful and what a pair they were!! I adored both of the main characters, even the side characters seemed to add a bit of flair and unique quality to the story here. well simply wonderful in every way!! I couldn't get enough of him. He is so loyal and honest and doesn't hide anything...he is exactly what he puts out...he isn't one to keep secrets. I enjoyed seeing him match Georgie. Georgie, is well a sweet heroine if a bit judgy of men, so has zero trust when it comes to the male species, and it was seeing how Con proves her wrong and slowly courts her and melts the ice around her heart.

Overall I found Why Earls Fall In Love a delightful romp of a romance!! Packed with action, emotion filled scenes, and a love story to win your heart and bring a tear to your eye at one great ending!! A KEEPER!!

My Grade 
4 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

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