Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy News!! New Nook!!

For the past year, I have been having issues with my Nook Color and it is old, and was wearing out. So I finally decided to get the new Samsung Tab 7.0--
Now they have two sizes, and when I went into Barnes and Noble today, to decide, the 10.0 was way too big. Now if I was looking for a Ipad..I would just get the Ipad right? Well I really love it so far!! I know its only been a few hours, but its so much better than the Nook Color. I am sure some of you are wondering why I didn't get a Kindle. Well frankly I am just not patient enough to wait for it in the mail LOL. Also I really only use amazon for listening to audio books, and older romance books that haven't made it into Barnes and Noble's E book format. I am a big fan of brick and morter bookstores, and I have always loved Barnes and Noble. Plus I love the look of this new NOOK, its very classy looking and the case is a deep purple that I just love. I can hardly wait to read some books on it!! YAY!! Just a little something that was long overdue and brightened my day. Hope you all are enjoying your current reads and enjoying the lovely fall weather...with the yummy scents, pumpkin everything...everywhere and FOOTBALL of course right? And plenty of fun romance reads that are coming out!! Happy Reading Friends and hope you day was lovely!!

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