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Book Review- Secret Fire

Secret Fire
Johanna Lindsey
405 Pages,
Published December 1987
Victorian Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-380-75087-0

He'd caught only a glimpse of her from the window of his carriage, but the young Russian prince knew he had to have her. Within minutes, Lady Katherine St. John was dragged from the London street like a common waif and carried off to a sumptuous town house--for the pleasure of her noble admirer. But it was a captive tigress Prince Dimitri found in his bed--consumed with a fierce rage toward the Russian "barbarian" who had kidnapped her--even as she found herself desiring this tawny-maned Adonis with a hunger beyond her understanding...

From the tempestuous passion of that first encounter, across stormy seas, to the golden splendor of palaces in Moscow, she was his prisoner. But even as her fury defied his bold claim of ownership, an all-consuming need made her his slave. For theirs was a fever that fed upon itself, carrying them irrevocably toward a final surrender to the power of undeniable love.

My Review:
Katherine St John is the daughter of a Earl, George St John. Even though her father is the Earl, she takes care of everyone and everything at home. When she finds out that her sister plans on eloping with a fortune hunter, she dresses in a maid uniform and goes chasing after her, not knowing what would befall her and take her away from all that she loves. Prince Dimitri Petrovich Alexandrov of Russis, comes to England to bring his willful sister home after causing scandal. However during his time in England, in a carriage he see's a young woman that captures his attention. She is unlike anything he has ever pictured before, and desires her. So he has his right hand man, Vladimir bring her to his apartments. When Katherine is kidnapped off of the streets, gagged and bound she is absolutely furious. She is then brought to the Dimitri's room, and is told that she is there at his request for his pleasure. Katherine is of course enraged, as any Earl's impressionable daughter would be right? She is then taken after a night of passion all of it by a aphrodisiac drug, she is then placed on his ship and they set sail. She tries to escape while there is land in sight, but to no avail she was not that lucky. Dimitri, was planning on leaving Katherine in England, however when she threatened to tell the authorites and threatened the Czar he decided to take drastic measures. He knew that until the Czar left England, Katherine would have to be taken to Russia for the time being. Where upon a sensual passion between the captor and the slave flare up and is all consuming and turns into love.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Secret Fire. Its been a few years since I have read it, and I am glad that I could get my hands on it once more. Its one of those that you can read over and over and never get tired of. Of course, since I haven't read it in so long, I enjoyed mostly just seeing the characters interact and how the plot thickens and how it grew more a more intriguing as the story went on. You have Katherine, who is a daughter of a Earl and is outraged of being a slave to the handsome yet arrogant man. Katherine is strong willed, opinionated, courageous and I loved how she always stands up to her captors. Katherine is having to always defend herself and her abilities, due to her being raised as a lady. However there is one small problem, Dimitri doesn't believe her. Russians, as portrayed in the book, are very reliant upon first impressions. So his first impression of her being a maid, keeps him denying the fact that she was raised as a Earl's daughter, and the consequences of him kidnapping her. Everyone else around them, seems to see her being one, with her arrogance and bearing is one due to someone raised in such a society. Dimitri although his title in Russia is "Prince" is really the same rank as Katherine. However he doesn't realize until too late his mistake. Here goes a journey that will take the reader to the sensuality side of Russia, and the thrilling adventure and passion that will ride with you until the very end. I liked most things about this book, the only thing that kinda was half frustrating but will make you laugh, is Dimitri's insistence that she is just a simple maid that must of learned everything from books or some such nonsense. I mean, I thought it was obsurd throughout the whole book and that he didn't believe it until he thought it was too late.  Other than that I truly enjoyed re reading Secret Fire, it was filled with all the romance, passion, strong characterization and good plot that I love reading. It drew me into the story and I could hardly put it down. I have to say that Johanna Lindsey is one of my favorite historical romance authors, because she portrays the time and scenic surroundings so well as well as the emotions that the characters are feeling. Its very provoking emotionally, and I would recommend this read to anyone who loves this genre and this author!!

My Grade For This Book:
4.5 Blossoms

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