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Book Review-The Princess & the Pea

The Princess & the Pea(Love Spell: Faerie Tale Romances)
Victoria Alexander
Leisure, 354 Pages, Published September 2009
Victorian Historical Romance
ISBN: 0-8439-6315-8


Once upon a time...they lived happily ever after.


A true American princess, Cecily White stood to inherit her father's business empire. And with the twentieth century right around the corner, the independent beauty had no intention of marrying some foreign nobleman seeking her money. Then on a trip to England, Cece fell under the spell of a dashing peer who had more to recommend him than the length of his title and the size of his countinghouse. But Cece wouldn't surrender he heart to the virile Earl of Graystone until he proved that the only treasure he wanted was her love.

My Review:
After one of Cecily's friends gets hurts from the Early of Graystone, Cecily comes up with a plan to go to England and hurt him just as much. Cece's plan is to convince her parents to take them over to England, telling them that she would like to marry a English Lord, and going to England would do that. Her parents had always wanted her to marry one, so her plan worked she had convinced her parents to take both her and her sister Emily over to England. When they get there they visit a friend of their mother's. Where they meet her son Quentin and his friend Jared, who happens to be the Earl of Graystone (but Cece has no idea whom he really is) where they show her their automobile that they had recently made. At the time of when this book takes place, is when inventors start to make automobiles. Cecily is fascinated, since she has never seen one before. Cecily is also entranced by Jared, however despite their physical attraction to one another there is a undeniable contention that sparks between the two. Cecily heads to Paris, to see the race of automobiles, unsuspecting to Cecily Jared is one of those that are participating in the race. When they meet once more, thus strikes a romantic interlude where a love spikes up when they least expect it. Jared knowing of his responsibilities knows he has to marry into money into saving his family's heritage.Thinking that Cecily is just a daughter of a poor butcher he ends their liason, even though he desperately wants to stay with her. He knows that there are lots of innocent people that he is responsible for and they come first before any of his personal needs. Cecily is heartbroken over Jared's decision, she is withdrawn and not herself. Cecily had fallen in love with Jared and now must find someone to marry even though at that moment its the last thing on Earth she would want to do. But when they are put face to face as Cecily being a rich heiress and Jared being a English Lord, things definitely spice up.  Where Jared will go about proving to Cecily that he wants to marry her not just for her money but for love.

 Its been some time since I have read anything from Victoria Alexander, but I have loved her books. This one was a little bit different than most of her other books. Its part of a multi author series: A Faerie Tale. As you can certainly tell from the cover. As in the original Faerie Tale, the princess was put through a test. So with this one, Cece is put through tests by Jared's mother, who is very over protective of him. She desires him to find someone that will be a good wife and will love him and be loyal. So as I was reading through this, some of these tests, I was just laughing through some of them, and cheering for Cece as well, since she always passed each test with flying colors. This is definitely one of my favorites of Victoria Alexander's, it definitely had a certain theme to it, that drew me in. Since I am a huge fan of Faerie Tales, this one was well received for me.

My Grade For This Book:
5 Blossoms

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  1. Great review! I love her books too & now I'll be looking forward to read this one as well!



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