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Book Review-The Firebrand

The Firebrand
Highland Treasure Trilogy 
May McGoldrick
Onyx, 324 Pages
Published November 2000
Medieval/Nautical Historical Romance
ISBN: 0451409426

Adrianne Percy was hidden in the Western Isles, safe from her family's enemies - until her sisters sent a notorious pirate to return her to the Highlands. But when she hatches a plan to free her kidnapped mother, it requires her to marry the handsome rogue - and what begins as a simple matter of business quickly flares into an uncontrollable desire....As Adrianne's heart smolders, their calculated arrangement threatens to ignite into a burning passion...

My Review:

 Adrienne Percy, after her father is branded a traitor by the king from her family, is sent to one of the Western Isles, and to live with only those who would berate and demean her. Adrienne has always desired a home and a family, and having been seperated from her mother and sisters whom she loves, she has desires a place to call "home", so now she desires to leave the Isle, so when the Highlander and Pirate MacLean comes with a ship, she sneaks aboard, not realizing what the consequences would be. Then she finds herself at his home, on Maclean land, with his clan, and she convinces him to marry her for business and no pleasure. But the longer they spend time together, passions ignite between the two and both of them never expected to find such a raging flame to spark between them, and a love that never expected to experience, especially when there is secrets between the two, but will the love they share be enough for forgiveness, and to love fully?

The Hero:
Wyntoun, known also as a pirate among those that know of his exploits, for helping his people prosper. Now he has hatched a plan, to get the treasure, but in order for him to do so, it would cause him to betray the one woman that holds his heart in her hands. Wyntoun, has avoided women, even though they flock to him like sheep. But when he agrees to marry Adrienne has a temporary measure, he finds that he can't resist her charms and her lovely body and spirit that call out to him.

The Heroine:
Adrienne is a heroine that is unique and special, but has always been looked down to for her high spirited nature for freedom and a desire to belong. Adrienne has never felt like she has ever belonged anywhere, but when she comes to Wyntoun's home, she starts to make her place among his clan, yearning for accepting, aching to be able to help others and to love. So she hatches a plan, to marry Wyntoun, claiming it is for business reasons only, but she needs to give him a incentive to help save her mother.

My Thoughts:
The Firebrand is the Conclusion is the Highland Treasure Trilogy. This is the second book that I have read from this author. The first one that I read from her was Tess and the Highlander part of a Avon True Romance Teen Series (that I have to say everyone should read that series, its purely charming and witty, and definitely some of my favorite romances, great for any age!!) Anyway, let me continue on.... So The Firebrand, the title focuses on Adrienne who throughout the book is referred to a Firebrand, based on her spirited nature and temper, and boy does she have one, but it is purely charming to watch her and Wyntoun interact with one another, things surely get heated between the two, and not only just their temper (wink..wink) This story is mostly based on them, and then we get into the mystery behind Wyntoun deceiving Adrienne, although we see that it torments him all the while. This is a story with wit, suspense, romance, and the beauty of this time period that encompasses this lovely couple that learn the road of learning to trust in each others love. I just loved this book, half of the time it had me laughing, and then it had me totally entranced in this charming story.

My Grade On This Book 
4 Blossoms

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