Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Book Review-Inner Harbor

Inner Harbor
Chesepeake Bay series (3)
Nora Roberts
324 Pages
Published Jan 1999
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-0-515-12421-7
Following Sea Swept and continued in Rising Tides this is the story -- and the conclusion of the captivating trilogy -- of the three Quinn brothers and the fight to honor their dead father's wish to raise a young boy named Seth as their own. With his career on track and a condo overlooking the Inner Harbor, his life on the streets firmly in his past, Phillip Quinn intended to fulfill his father's wish. But he never expected that he would grow to love Seth, and soon his promise to his father became more than just obligation.

My Review:
Inner Harbor is the third installment in this great series the Chesepeake Bay Saga. Phillip Quinn, is a city boy, he works in the city during the week and then comes homes during weekends to assist his brothers in their booming business of building wood boats and ships. One weekend he meets a woman who stirs things up, and leaves him aching for me. Not just for her body, but to know her personally. As he endeavors to do so, he knows he is falling hard and fast for this smart intelligent and yes a city woman, but there are secrets about her that may destroy everything including his feelings for her. But will those secrets tear their family apart including the young boy whom they have let into their home and their hearts.

I will be honesty, this is by far my favorite of the saga so far. Inner Harbor brought out the strongest emotions from me as I was reading it, and I will say that there was a tear or two shed while reading it, with due cause of course. Phillip Quinn has made a great life for himself, after being adopted and brought into the Quinn family, he wanted to have a career and a life of his own. Now he also has to put some plans on hold, for the sake of a young boy who needs these three brothers more than they would ever come to realize. When he meets Sybill, whom has traveled all over studying people and the way they act, he takes her on adventures which she has never experienced, helping her to feel emotions she would never let herself feel. Sybill, being sister to Seth's mother, has come to discover what life Seth has here, and to discover if he is happy. Sybill has always loved Seth, but his mother has hurt her, and she feels safer in the cacoon she has built around her heart. But when she starts to get to know Seth once more, she realizes how happy he is with the Quinn, knowing that if the truth ever comes out, that the Quinns will come to despise her especially Seth, the one person she has come to help at all costs. Through certain events, both Phillip and Sybill come to realize that even though their love and feelings are fresh, they are strong, and strong enough to survive any challenge that is ahead of them. It truly was more of a emotional story, and I just loved that aspect of this story especially. The plot and characters comes alive for the reader, so riveting and the feelings and emotions between the characters, definitely a engaging story for the reader, and one that everyone that loves a good story and especially a good romance will come to appreciate Roberts writing, especially among this series.

My Grade On This Book
5 Blossoms

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    Great Blog!

  2. Great review.
    This is my favourite book in the series. Sybil is such a great heroine and I loved her relationship with Phillip.



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