Thursday, August 5, 2010

Library Loot (5)

Eva with A Striped Armchair, and Marge with The Adventures of a Intrepid Reader, which you should check out both of them, they are great!!! This meme is created to encourage bloggers to share books that they get from the Library, and since I am a avid lover of Libraries this is going to be one meme I am going to love doing every week. I just got back from the library this morning, so I thought I would post some of the books that I got a hold of, and lets just say I think I have good selection for this week!!

Audio  Book:
 I read this when it first came out, however, I have yet to listen to it!! So since my library just got this in recently I decided to see if I like listening to this one as much as the others of the series. 
I have read a couple in this fun series that Hawkins has created, but I have yet to read this one, so I knew I had to grab it while I could!!! 

Heart of The Dragon is part of the Atlantis Series, and I loved Nymph King (one of my favorite romances ever! ) so I have wanted to read Darius' story. Who can resist a dragon shapeshifter? 
As one of my favorite authors, I can't resist anything that I haven't yet been able to read of hers. TOTALLY STOKED!!
I read this series many years ago, when I first started reading romances, but I am looking forward to reading this series again!!! 
First off I love these covers, who can resist such a cover? And I really want to read this story, with a mix of a vampire and a amazon in this Atlantis series. 
I was just browsing the shelved, when I saw this one, and since I have heard some good things about this book, that I knew I needed to try it out!! 

Hope you enjoyed my loot, and feel free to comment on what you think!!!


  1. Not only did I enjoy your loot but cannot wait to see what you think of Joss Ware's series. I got all 3 of the books almost brand new from Paperbackswap and will be reading them later on but always like to hear other's opinions!

    Enjoy and happy reading Renee!

    jackie ^_^

  2. That is one interesting loot. I love Nora Roberts and will probably pick one up soon. Happy reading!

  3. You scored at the library! Mine doesn't carry many of the PNRs (yet--they are working on that)

  4. Ohh I've been intrested in reading Hawkins series. Ohhh I hope you like Beyond the Night!!! I've read the first 2 books in that series and really enjoyed it! Seems like we enjoy a lot of the same authors! This is why I love memes like LL, I find great new blogs to follow! Enjoy your loot! :D

  5. That's some awesome romance loot! Sadly, my library doesn't carry many mass market paperback romances. You're very lucky!

    Happy reading! :)



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